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Endulj [Indulge] with some of Melbourne’s finest dishes delivered to your door

Is it possible to get food delivered that’s worth staying in for? The team at Endulj seems to think so. With a crew of some of the best chefs in Melbourne, Endulj sets out to give customers a true restaurant experience from the comfort of their home with signature dishes from some of the city’s finest restaurants together with matched wines.

Endulj is up against some of the bigger food delivery services like Deliveroo and UberEats that have taken over Melbourne in the last 12 months. So why choose Endulj?

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One reason is the concept of cooking for a smaller audience alongside a stellar line up of chefs including MoVida (Frank Camorra), Pei Modern (Mark Best), Lee Ho Fook (Victor Liong), Thirty Eight Chairs (Mirco Speri),Tokyo Tina and Saigon Sally (Adrian Li) and headed by Executive Chef, Matt Germanchis, who is well known for his work in iconic restaurants including MoVida, MoVida Aqui and Pandora’s Box.

“Most restaurant kitchens are designed to serve 40-50 covers across multiple sittings each evening, with the dishes prepared to be served as soon as they’re plated up,” said Germanchis. “At Endulj I’ve designed a kitchen capable of serving a dining room that spans multiple suburbs rather than individual tables, where we only prepare dishes that travel well.”

The World Loves Melbourne was invited to an exclusive sneak peek of the Endulj concept and had the true Endulj experience with the food delivered to our location.

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The whole process is managed by the Endulj team – from the online ordering system to the delivery drivers, not one details is missed. All food is packaged in tree-free recycled sugarcane and bamboo containers so the food not only arrives hot but is presented beautifully.

Customers also have access to an exclusive wine list prepared by notable Sommelier Ainslie Lubbock that has been matched with each item on the menu. And! You don’t have to choose a dish from just one restaurant. The beauty of Endulj is the access to dishes from all the partners. So you can get the Modiva arroz caldoso and the white cut chicken from Lee Ho Fook in one sitting.

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Some of the other tasty highlights include Saigon Sally’s Kingfish ceviche, the hanger steak from Pei Modern and the mini doughnuts to top of the meal.

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We were impressed! We’re happy to say the food just wasn’t thrown into a box or brought to us by bike and lukewarm upon arrival. We agree there are days you just want a pizza but when you want a really good quality meal, you don’t have to sacrifice getting takeaway through Endulj.

Aside from the food, the appeal of these restaurants is the actual dining experience. However, when Melbourne sees four seasons in one day, or you just want to stay in your pajamas but can’t stop thinking about dinner from Pei Modern, Endulj aims to provide an effortless, quality dining experience for its customers.

With an exclusive kitchen located in Windsor, the Endulj kitchen’s delivery the radius is limited to 5 km so residents of Prahran, Windsor, South Yarra, Toorak, Elwood, St Kilda and Melbourne 3004 are the first to experience Endulj. Orders can be made year round from 5:30pm – 9:30pm.