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Visit Fabulous Merricks Creek For A Day Trip To Mornington Peninsula

As the weather gets warmer, this is the perfect time to visit fabulous Merricks Creek Winery on the Mornington Peninsula. The World Loves Melbourne was part of a bus trip of top Melbourne (and Australian) bloggers who travelled to Merricks Creek one fine Saturday on a bus from the city. Only an hour from the city, Merricks Creek is the place to go for incredible Pinot Noir and Estate Chardonnay, great value share plates (we can't believe the prices) among the vines on the Mornington Peninsula.

Merricks Creek Winery is a haven, a gem, on the fabulous Mornington Peninsula. Amazing Pinot Noir, dreamy vineyard vista, and my favourite Hugo Boss shirt.

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It was the perfect Saturday to connect with blogger friends and sample the dishes and wines on offer at Merricks Creek. How about a glass of wine or two relaxing on the attractive Merricks Creek raised deck? Every time we visit Merricks Creek we see groups of friends, girl's getaways, romantic interludes, and families imbibing the delights of Merricks Creek. In fact on this occasion there was a marriage proposal next to us and an acceptance!

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Merricks Creek has a relaxed vibe where you can while away a few hours without the stress of city life. Even as a boutique winery it gets busy but not overwhelmed with large crowds like a huge commercial winery. This is a beautiful and "feel good" destination. When you drive down the long driveway you're struck by the beauty of the property and the close planted vines. When you enter the cellar door you are greeted by wait staff and the charming Parker family. Peter and Sam Parker are at the Cellar Door, and will impress you with their obsession with Pinot Noir.

The Pinot Noir is simply amazing and Peter may ask you whether you prefer the latest vintage or the one before. Even though they're from the same vineyards, the vintages all very much have their own character.

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Peter Parker took us through his innovative wine making process - to make elegant yet intense Pinot Noir.

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We enjoyed a private barrel tasting and were able to see the characteristics of the wine not long in the barrels. And then at cellar door compare to the last couple of vintages. The current vintage has the benefit of 18 months in French oak and the nuances of the close planted vine wine are intense.

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Beautiful grounds.

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We've spoked to customers that have returned 4 or 5 times; they just love it here. The wine, beautiful affordable shared dishes, the friendliness and knowledge of the Owners/Winemakers and the beautiful surroundings.

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We enjoyed a selection of dishes from across the menu including the wonderful Rib Eye Fillet; the Lightly seared Atlantic salmon with soy and ginger glaze; Roasted tomatoes, Main Ridge goats curd and grilled ciabatta,; Blow-torched buffalo mozarella; Thins; Cheese platters: Award winning Pork and Pistachio Terrine, and more. Image above: Robert Hamer Photography.

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The World Loves Melbourne loves this style of dining at a winery; local seasonal produce that matches perfectly with the wine.

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How good is the ginger and soy glaze on the Lighly seared Atlantic salmon!

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Image above: Robert Hamer Photography.

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A walk around the gardens is fun with flowers in bloom and attractive trees; the garden based on Peter Parker's passion for all things Monet. A large table in the middle of the lawn is another excellent area to catch up with friends. 

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Desserts are legendary including the Copper pots filled with white chocolate mousse and passionfruit; and the Deconstructed Tiramisu.

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It was soon time to board the bus and head back to Melbourne. Thanks to Wine Compass for the bus - we highly recommend them for top notch wine tours including visits to Merricks Creek.