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Brunch with Brown Brothers Wine Family at Trocadero

Brunch with the Brown Brothers (and media types) at Tocadero for a wine masterclass for the new sensational Prosecco. I'm there! To experience both Trocadero and an iconic wine family's new wine offerings, was bliss.

The ambience at Trocadero is sublime, with views out to some of Melbourne's most attractive features including Flinders Street Station and St Pauls, let alone Southbank and the Yarra. Enhanced all the more being a sunny day. The fit out at Trocadero in Hamer Hall is modern with chic bar area and a long elegant space, as well as an edgy mural by a Japanese graffiti artist. Trocadero is accessible and sophisticated.

Having been involved in the wine industry in the past I was keen to experience this Prosecco that is so popular (hot) in Italy right now. Prosecco is wine to consume before midday. It's light, crisp, fresh and dry sparkling wine. I was superimpressed by this variety and intend to give it a crack this summer.

Let's just say I'm impressed with Brown Brothers. To me they've always been inventive. Take for example their Cienna, which can hold its own anywhere, and is something different. This might sound corny but to have several generations of the family present at this brunch was powerful. Wine families ooze passion and I love the raw passion of this iconic Australian wine family. Katherine Brown as the Public Relations Manager is visibly excited about the direction of the company, sparkling wine and keen to see the tradition continue. When Ross Brown speaks of the view of the snowfields from the vineyards there's a tear in the eye...

I loved that the panel of Brown Brothers winemakers pitched the masterclass at a technical level (thanks Steve Kline the Wine Educator) and didn't treat us like dumb asses. It was fascinating to hear how Brown Brothers makes the Prosecco in the Italian way (trapping the bubbles in fermentation).

We sampled the Limited Release Prosecco from Brown Brothers as well as their stock 2011 release. Both wines are great. I genuinely loved their Prosecco as a fine sparkling wine that compares well to some of the more expensive champagnes. At around the $20 mark it's a wine of class. It's fun and joyous, but there's finesse with the fun. Not a wine to linger over but to drink now.

Fine bubbles, peachy flavour, and not heavy but light. The wine is dry with a slight sweetness just to offset the acidity.

We compared this Prosecco to an Italian style DOCG Prosecco, which was perhaps creamier. In Italy there is a designated region that can claim the Prosecco brand. In Australia we have kept the name Prosecco arguing its about a grape variety not a region. All Prosecco need to develop in cold climates, such as the King Valley in Victoria.

We also enjoyed the Brown Brothers Pinot Noir Chardonnay, this time made in the champagne method with lees (on lees for 2 years).

The versatility of the wines was highlighted by the brunch we received at Trocadero. The wine and food went together superbly. Well done to Head Chef Nick Bennett. European cuisine and a fresh take on the classic brasserie.

Trocadero served us this Italian inspired beauty with a stunning tomato sorbet...


Trocadero also delivered on this salmon on brioche (which had another couple of elements under the salmon I discerned but I had my eyes firmly on the masterclass)...

The highlight was this "big breakfast". So delicate. So balanced.


The desserts at Trocadero are inspiring including this one which had toffee all over it...

I found the service to be sharp and the food spectacular.

The members of the Brown Brothers family were accessible at the event and great ambassadors of their business and the industry.

There was a big announcement at the end about a mysterious exciting development from Brown Brothers set for the end of November. Stay tuned...

What a great brunch!