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Fire 2.0 Lights Up Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

Thanks to Yering Station The World Loves Melbourne was invited to Fire 2.0 - one of the highlight events of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. This event was presented as "a feast of fire, smoke and coals"; something The World Loves Melbourne is not averse to.
Fire 1
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One of the most exciting aspects of the MFWF has been the House of Food and Wine on Little Lonsdale Street with it's expansive ability to host key events. The space highlights the Melbourne love of laneways and at Fire 2.0 we were treated to stations of cooking with fire along the laneway associated with the House of Food and Wine.
Fire 18
Fire 20
Fire 24
Paul Carmichael (Momofuku Seiobo), Lennox Hastie (Firedoor) and Neil Perry (Rockpool Group) from 2012’s sold out Fire MasterClass joined new friends Danielle Alvarez (Fred's) , Jake Nicolson ( ‎Executive Chef at Ghanem Group) and Dave Verheul (Town Mouse, Embla) to prepare a fiery feast cooked over pits, coals, barbecues and flames.
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Among the highlights were Danielle's Porchetta, Boudin Noir, Burnt Apple and Rosemary Mostarda (the porchetta was top notch but the Boudin Noir was also a crowd pleaser); Lennox Hastie's Octopus, Macadamia and Radicchio (how good is octopus over fire!); Neil Perry's Beef Short Rib Bo Ssam was a favourite of many (Bo ssam literally means "packaged" in Korean, and this dish featured a lettuce wrap with tender beef short ribs; Paul Carmichael cooked up a storm with Sweet Potato and Clams; Jake Nicolson butterflied Whole Murray Cod with desert limes (one of our favourites); while Dave Verheul cooked up delicious Rainbow Trout, Celery, Watercress, Horseradish. Diners could enjoy their meal outside or inside the House of Food and Wine event space, where an attractive bar featured the Yering Station wines and a live band entertained.
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Conviviality and fine food with some of Australia's best chefs!
Fire 16 
Yering Station is one of the jewels of the Yarra Valley region, recognised for its beautiful vineyards from where their winemakers craft award winning wines.
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We also checked out the front section of House of Food and Wine and have visited since - it's the place to be in the CBD!