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David Thompson Spices up PorkStar at Long Chim

It’s one of Melbourne’s hottest new venues and David Thompson’s acclaimed, Long Chim, attracted the city’s top chefs for PorkStar today. The World Loves Melbourne was invited along to celebrate this amazing pork experience. We were told by PorkStar's Mitch Edwards that pork has overtaken lamb and now beef as the number one consumed meat in Australia. An amazing achievement.

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More than 100 chefs gathered over Mr Thompson’s world-renowned modern Thai cuisine, featuring pork. This was a much anticipated event, as all the Australian Pork related events are!

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Matt McConnell and his head chef (above), with Adam D'Sylva (below).

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David Thompson spoke of his love for Thai food and Thai culture, with pork being a mainstay of Thai cooking. David Thompson and his team served up an array of exciting pork dishes, with seriously excellent use of chillies and spices. How we like it.It's not like we were smacked by a huge hit of spice and heat; there were layers of flavour profile.

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PorkStar’s Mitch Edwards said the event was a chance to celebrate all things pork and sample Thai flavours and modern techniques. “David’s cooking attracts buzz wherever he goes and we’re proud to have him as a PorkStar,” he said. “We’ve had the pleasure of working with him over the years and when we heard that Long Chim Melbourne was opening, we knew we had to have him share his Thai flavours and passion for the pig with Melbourne’s chefs.”

Australian Pork Limited’s PorkStar program is in its second decade of encouraging and celebrating chefs’ pork usage. The World Loves Melbourne marvels at the marketing of the industry as well as the first class product itself. 

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Spicy pork crunchy rice cakes.

Long Chim opened in Melbourne earlier this year, the latest in a long list of successful restaurants run by the man known as an encyclopaedia of Thai cookery, and featuring his take on street food.

“We decided to mix it up by having a lunch this year and guests were treated to a pork feast including cured pork fritters, grilled pork cheek salad and pineapple curry of pork,” Mr Edwards said.

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Katana from Australian Pork is part of the industry crack team based in Sydney.

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Grilled pork cheek salad with lime roasted rice mint.

Mitch Edwards also commented on the concern of cheap inferior imported pork , especially imported pork ribs being a problem for the Australian Pork Industry. The World Loves Melbourne loves to see fresh Australian Pork on menus and Mitch encouraged the guests to even specify Australian Pork on the menus.

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Pork with holy basil.

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Stir fried Chinese broccoli with crunchy pork oyter sauce.

“Put aside your experiences at your local Thai restaurant because the way David cooks Thai surpasses expectations and delivers both authentic flavours and delicious dishes.”

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Pineapple curry of pork.

Porkstars 47

Stir fried cabbage.

Porkstars 49

Stir fried minced pork.

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Fried duck eggs.

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Black sticky rice slice with coconut cream and candied coconut.

Wines for the luncheon were from Seville Estate, sourced by Domaine Wine Shippers, with beer from Two Birds Brewing and water from Aquabotanical.

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The PorkStar national tour continues, showcasing the talent of top chefs and dishes featuring Australian pork. Thanks to PorkStars, Mitch Edwards and Australian Pork, and Long Chim for a fabulous event.