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Benny Burger by Shannon Bennett Launches in Richmond

Recently launched in Richmond (a burger belt in Melbourne), Benny Burger is a revelation. This burger house, the brainchild of legendary Australian chef and businessman Shannon Bennett, looks to shake things up in "burgerland" and it succeeds in doing so. "The Ethical Burger" is a big claim but Shannon delivers at so many levels, and the emphasis on sustainable and organic produce is groundbreaking for a burger house. You won't want to go back to over processed burgers after having visited Benny Burger. Benny Burger is also a celebration of Shannon's father who ostensibly loved a burger or two. Benny Burger comes across as a labour of love (a trend has been to describe new restaurants by restaurateurs as "love childs"). The World Loves Melbourne was invited to the launch of Benny Burger and was highly impressed by the offering.

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The burgers are great here but Benny Burger is more than just a burger joint. This burger house impresses with it's decent bar, it's coffee (Synesso), it's service and it's ambience, with the fit out being a touch of class above many burger houses. Benny Burger comes across as an old friend and somewhere you'd like to hang out. Staff were ultra friendly and keen to impress at the launch; a sense of professionalism, conviviality and "family" was evident with the new team. A mural and wall projection are planned, which will further enhance this bright spot in Richmond.

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Shannon Bennett has a burgeoning restaurant portfolio; concurrently his attention to detail and sense of excellence is consistently top notch. 

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As for the burgers, Benny Burger has suddenly become our new favourite burger house. To be honest we're "over" burger houses that replicate trends and are a copy of each other. Shannon has stepped out with the "ethical burger" and a wide variety of burger options that surely capture every consumer preference.

The No Apologies Double Cheeseburger is a statement of how a classic double cheeseburger should be; balanced with oozy local cheese, quality meat patties cooked perfectly, slight char, superb fresh soft milk bun with perfect bread to meat ratio, tang of pickles and onion and sauce. Melt in your mouth goodness! We judge every burger joint by it's double cheeseburger (as it's a global classic), and Benny Burger hits the high notes.

The ingredients are distinctive - 2x organic beef, 2x local cheese, organic onion, pickles, organic ketchup, organic mustard, mayo. Quality, local and organic ingredients excite us. At the end of the day the burger is also delicious; it's lively, tasty and juicy, not "flat", muted and over processed.

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The famous Chang Burger also hits the high notes. Legendary David Chang had a swipe at Aussie burgers and this is Shannon Bennett's savvy patriotic response. A distinctively Australian burger, showing that egg and beetroot have a rightful place in the burger world. Maybe this is "egg in the face" (excuse the pun) for David Chang in a fun way (we respect David Chang of course). The Chang is a burger masterpiece. For us to rave about something that isn't a classic style burger is unusual, but this totally hits the spot. If you're going to create an Aussie burger this could well be it. It's delicious.

Blackmore’s Wagyu beef, fried egg, local cheese, organic coral lettuce, organic tomato, pickled onion, pickles, beetroot relish, organic ketchup, mustard, mayo. The price is excellent for what you're getting here; it's David Blackmore beef for goodness sake with a host of organic ingredients.

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The quality of the bar surprises. Yes we love shakes at a burger joint (and Benny Burger has excellent choices) but we also appreciate beer, excellent wines or even a Prosecco or two with a burger. Benny's Bar stands on its own as a decent bar; with a tap/machine that performs theatrics in pouring beer from the bottom of the glass!


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Did I say attention to detail? Even the packaging is next level. We haven't seen packaging quite like this. You want to take it home!

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Juicy melt in your mouth goodness. Can we also say at this point that the buns are a highlight. Shannon gets his fresh buns from his own bakery and they are soft milk buns with a nuance of honey rather than sugar. Buns are a huge part of any burger formulation and Shannon nails it. The bun holds well together and is a touch of class.

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An important part of any burger house; the chips are great!

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Friends and culinary icons.

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Burger choices! Mr Burns is a nod to everyone's favourite villain; but there's nothing evil about this burger! Organic beef, organic lettuce, organic tomato, organic onion, pickles, organic ketchup, mustard, mayo.

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Mr Burns with Cheese.

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The High Vis (Cheese Bacon). Organic beef, bacon, local cheese, organic lettuce, organic onion, pickles, organic ketchup, mustard, mayo.

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The Munchkin. Kids will love this burger with Organic beef and organic ketchup. Stripped back goodness.

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 The Apprentice. Something like a brekky bun with Fried egg, bacon, organic ketchup, mayo. A burger for every occasion.

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The Tradie. Great concept! Organic beef, bacon, fried egg, local cheese, BBQ sauce, mayo. A hangover cure? Go hard or go home.

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Mr Potato Head. A crossover burger bringing a potato cake into the burger equation, once the province of the fish and chips realm. Hand dipped potato cake, coleslaw, chipotle mayo, local cheese, organic lettuce, beetroot relish.

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The Yoga Burger. Beetroot & chickpea, local cheese, coleslaw, beetroot relish, pickled onion, pickles, chipotle mayo. Imaginative burgers. 

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Mark's (Fish) Burger. This is a revolutionary fish burger with Mark Eather sustainably fished and humane fish! Line caught barramundi and ling, organic lettuce, pickled onions, mayo. A barramundi and ling patty is impressive; you won't want to go back to highly processed fish burgers!

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The Cluck Off Burger features Free range chicken fillet, bacon, local cheese, organic lettuce, organic tomato, mayo.

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Dessert options also come with a touch of nostalgia. Delightful Concrete options impress featuring frozen custard. We recommend the Chocolate Brownie concrete with Chocolate organic custard. Chocolate brownie, chocolate mousse, chocolate sauce. 

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 Prosecco was a welcome drink on arrival.

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We were surprised to see a Synesso in place in a burger house; no stone has been left unturned in the quest for excellence.

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Cosy welcoming spaces with jet blue and neon.

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Interestingly the salads would seem to be seasonal; just look at the daily board for salad options. And no canned produce in the salads!

Shannon has brought something of a gift for the people with Benny Burger. For those who enjoy a healthy lifestyle but like to enjoy a burger, Shannon brings home the bacon. (He's not claiming it's all healthy). Vive la revolution!


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