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TWLM attends Australian Bacon Week Launch at Quay Restaurant

Australian Bacon Week is one of the most popular events on the calendar, and being a prime consumer of Australian bacon ourselves, The World Loves Melbourne was delighted to celebrate the launch and presentations event at Quay restaurant in Sydney. Everyone has their favourite way to enjoy the magical meat, from savoury to sweet, breakfast to dessert, and Victoria’s best Aussie bacon has just been revealed.

The news for Victoria was good; we are a bacon haven in the nation. Rob’s British Butcher, Dandenong, took out the short cut category and placed second nationally, while Bertocchi Smallgoods took out Victoria’s full rasher category of the recent Australian PorkMark Bacon Awards. We've been out to Rob's British Butcher in Dandenong and it's a memorable and rewarding experience!

The awards were held as part of Australian Bacon Week, celebrating the best bacon made from 100% Australian pork. More than 125 entries were received from across the country, with the judging panel assessing qualities like appearance, aroma and taste. (Imagine being a judge and tasting 125 awesome bacon entries!).

AustPorkBaconWeek 2

A superb setting for this event, with views of the bridge and harbour. Australian Pork do things in style.

AustPorkOfficial 9

David Hagger from The World Loves Melbourne with the proud winners from Griffith Butchery, Leonie and Richard Odell. It was great chatting to them and catching their passion for all things Australian bacon.

AustPorkBaconWeek 4

Baby quiche Lorraine was a personal favourite.

AustPorkOfficial 8

Rob Kabboord (also Merricote in Melbourne) cooked up a storm at Quay Restaurant, featuring Australian Bacon from Griffith Butchery.

The dishes were:

-        Bacon and egg, slow cooked yolk, potato and pancetta crumb

-        Bacon glazed doughnut

-        Baby quiche Lorraine

-        BLAs (bacon, lettuce and avocado)

-        Bacon seasoned crackling sandwich, brioche and fired quail egg

-        Bacon virgin mary

AustPorkBaconWeek 30

AustPorkBaconWeek 17

Bacon and egg, slow cooked yolk, potato and pancetta crumb was super tasty and had an amazing texture, and we had to grab a second serving.

AustPorkBaconWeek 18

Bacon glazed doughnut was a crowd pleaser.

AustPorkOfficial 3

Bacon virgin mary was a stunning cocktail and perfect for a breakfast event.

AustPorkBaconWeek 20

Judges said the short cut bacon from Rob’s British Butcher had a striking and dark appearance, clean aroma and an interesting and exceptional taste. Country Style Meats, Garfield, was named second, while Wattle City Meats, Maryborough, rounded out the top three.

Bertocchi’s full rasher was described as having a nice colour, nice smoky aroma and great spicy flavour.

Montrose Meats, Montrose, took out Victoria’s second place, while Rob’s British Butcher was placed third.

Nationally, Griffith Butchery, ACT, took out the Best Full Rasher and overall Best Artisan Bacon Award, while South Australia’s Barossa Fine Foods took out Best Short Cut.

AustPorkBaconWeek 8

Media, celebs, and industry present; it was the place to be.

AustPorkOfficial 2

BLAs (bacon, lettuce and avocado) was zesty and showcased the premium bacon perfectly.

A36O9694 1

David Hagger from The World Loves Melbourne imbibing the bacon delights in a magical setting.

AustPorkOfficial 10

Bacon seasoned crackling sandwich, brioche and fired quail egg was an imaginative canape. And do we love crackling!

AustPorkBaconWeek 25

Zumbo on hand.

AustPorkBaconWeek 27

Australian Bacon Week runs from 25 June to 1 July, drawing attention to the competition local bacon faces from imported products.

AustPorkBaconWeek 31 

AustPorkBaconWeek 34

This year, people are being encourage to share their favourite way to enjoy the magical meat. “Aussie bacon is a regular feature of my breakfasts and even pops up to add a highlight and flavour boost in the occasional lunch or dinner,” Mr Edwards said. “This Australian Bacon Week, we’ve got chefs and restaurants serving up delicious dishes, and we also hope people will share their favourite Aussie bacon dishes on social media.”

Mr Edwards said it shocked people to learn that more than 70 per cent of bacon sold in Australia is made from imported pork. “Australian Bacon Week is about celebrating our best bacon, but also reminding people that they need to look for our pink PorkMark logo or the words ‘Product of Australia’.”

AustPorkBaconWeek 36

AustPorkBaconWeek 39

And the winners are…
Overall winner
Griffith Butchery, Griffith, ACT
Full rasher
1. Griffith Butchery, Griffith, ACT
2. Kanmantoo Bacon and Quality Meats, Kanmantoo, SA
3. Meatways Kambah, Kambah, ACT
Short cut
1. Barossa Fine Foods, Edinburgh North, SA
2. Rob’s British Butcher, Dandenong, Vic
3. German Butchery, Mona Vale, NSW
Full rasher
1. Bertocchi Smallgoods, Thomastown, Vic
2. Montrose Meats, Montrose, Vic
3. Rob’s British Butcher, Dandenong, Vic
Short cut
1. Rob’s British Butcher, Dandenong, Vic
2. Country Style Meats, Garfield, Vic
3. Wattle City Meats, Maryborough, Vic
Supporting restaurants
Blackstar Pastry Carlton
Merricote Northcote
N2 Melbourne, Fitzroy
Zumbo Patisserie - Doncaster, Emporium Melbourne, South Yarra