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Nomada Cafe and Restaurant Impresses in Fitzroy

Nomada Cafe y Tapas is already acclaimed as one of Melbourne's top cafes by the Good Food Guide; but it also doubles as a stunning tapas joint at night.  The World Loves Melbourne was invited to Nomada to sample the tapas menu and we were highly impressed. We're always excited for something new and distinctive in a sea of Melbourne copy cats. The team here resembles an all-star line up, signalling that this is a foodie savvy cafe with plenty to offer.

Nomada 1 

At the location where the former Hammer and Tong was located (famous for its soft shell crab), Nomada is a chic modern and engaging site.  Here you will find interesting food offerings with a plethora of processes from curing to fermentation to dehydration to water baths to vacuum packs to curing.

Nomada 33

The two Jesses bring together a cacophony of  foodie inspirationThis restaurant and cafe in Fitzroy is a collaboration between two good friends and chefs Jesse Gerner (Bomba, Anada, Samuel Pepys Wine Shop and Greenpark) and Jesse McTavish (Kettle Black and Top Paddock).  These guys have shaped the landscape of Melbourne with their culinary genius. They are not short on experience or ideas. Jesse McTavish was behind such icons as the Top Paddock and Kettle Black hotcakes; the most photographed brunch dish in Melbourne. But he has plenty more ideas to proffer. So Jesse, what's the next big thing? He'll tell you!

We're huge fans of Jesse Gerner having visited and enjoyed top dining and bar memories at his venues; and to be honest any venture he's involved in is a joy. Right now these guys are letting the food speak for itself, with no hype. We were given a sample of the tapas menu with plenty of innovation and technique in play.

Nomada 34

In recent times Jesse McTavish has spent time surfing along the east coast; clearing the head before the next foray being Nomada? 

Nomada 14

Media imbibing the delights of Nomada. Personally this was a joyous dining experience to be savoured; the chefs menu at $55 a head would be a great way to go here. The food here isn't overworked or finessed; the heart of both Jesses. No edible flowers for the Insta crowd (although this food is both great and grammable).

Nomada 30

 Nomada has had a facelift from the previous Hammer & Tong; we love the rustic comfort and chic of furs and leather, as well as great use of timber and sexy tiles and plants. It feels homely here, or at least how you would like your home to be. Someone mentions they can sense Byron Bay here; maybe the influence of Jesse McTavish. Then again there's a picture of Jesse McTavish dad with a longboard on the wall. So maybe this is Byron Bay meets San Sebastian.

Nomada 4

 Charcuterie hits the spot with Serrano Jamon the hero, enjoyed with a Jesse Gerner signature Vermouth.

Nomada 6

 Oysters with sherry mignonette are plump and fresh.
Nomada 12
Combining there passion and skills the Jesse's have reached peak synergy in opening Nomada, a Modern Melbourne Cafe by day and a cosy spanish tapas restaurant by night.  
Nomada 9
Nomada is focused on pushing the boundaries of a modern cafe/restaurant and there is incredible dedication to quality food and produce for which both the Jessie's are well known. We love boundary pushing.
also part of the all-star team are Greg McFarland (ex-chef at The Kettle Black) and Shane Barrett (Samuel Pepys). Le Bron James wasn't available.
Nomada 19
This dish was entitled "Quail running through the saltbush". The marriage of quail and saltbush is a wonderful marriage of flavour and texture. You've had 60 degree eggs; how about 62 degree quail! Cooked for 40 minutes with great precision, the quail is not dry but superbly succulent.
Nomada 18
 Another chartopper is the Lamb fillet with padron peppers and pepper salt.This is lamb untamed and spiced up; but the care taken over the cooking of this lamb was impressive. Some of the best lamb we've had in a while.
Iconic dish already, the Clacked egg on hay with associated smoulder is a rewarding dish, with shaved truffle served to us on the night. Image: Nomada Instagram.
Nomada 23
 Our favourite dish of the night was this Snapper with buttermilk; it grabbed my attention from the first bite. Luxe and milky. A must order.
Nomada 24
Another pic of the quali below; my new food fantasy.
Nomada 17
Chic and cosy, you might find Nomada in the back blocks of Spain or indeed Fitzroy.
Nomada 16
Wines are both from old world and new, with a standout selection of sherry. 
Nomada 27
Nomada means to "wander"; we can safely say that he who wanders all over the Nomada menu is not lost. Bravo Jesses.

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