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Raclette and Other New Dishes a Smash Hit at Merricks Creek Winery

Raclette is one of the joys of life, and Merricks Creek have created a smash hit with their new Grilled Raclette cheese with potatoes and a side of cornichons. Customers are driving up from Melbourne for this raclette, as well as the other standout dishes and new release 2016 Pinot Noir at Merricks Creek Winery.

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The Raclette represents one of several new dishes at Merricks Creek Winery, only an hour from Melbourne on the fabulous Mornington Peninsula. Heating up the element until the wheel of raclette is bubbling away, rippling and blistering.

A knife is then applied across the hot cheese to bring the melting layer down into the bowl, where it smothers a delicious collection of potatoes and cornichons (and a few pickles). There's a saying that the end crisp bits of raclette are like the angel's share to be desired.

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Raclette is popular in France and Switzerland and comes with a wonderful tradition. The World Loves Melbourne loved the theatre in the kitchen and the end result is stunning - what a bowl of cheesy bliss perfect with a Pinot Noir or two! We were also taken with the aroma of the raclette - so desirable!

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Salmon and Pinot Noir are such a perfect match!

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Another rewarding dish perfect for winter (we think any season) is the Osso Buco (deboned) with warm ciabatta rolls. Rustic and warming, this dish hit the spot, once again perfect with the new release 2016 Pinot Noir.

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Rabbit and confit onion terrine with a mustard cream is a dish you don't see everyday. Hugely rewarding; evoking memories for The World Loves Melbourne of childhood although this version of a rabbit dish is more sophisticated.

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Below shows some of the superb share dishes at Merricks Creek Winery - Osso Buco, the Rabbit and confit onion Terrine, as well as the ever popular Rib Eye! All purposefully matched to pair with the standout Merricks Creek Pinot Noir. This is casual winery dining at it's best!

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We imbibed these dishes sitting out on the raised deck  in a fabulous vineyard setting.

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Winter vineyard scene at Merricks Creek Winery; we love the different vistas of the different seasons.

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Another new dish and triumph is the Chocolate Molten cake! A touch of decadence as you poke your spoon into the rich chocolate, and imbibe with the cream on the side.

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This is what The World Loves Melbourne wants to do; hang out in a magical vineyard setting with food and wine like this! 

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With Merricks Creek Winery only an hour from Melbourne with a pretty drive through the Mornington Peninsula, a visit to indulge in first class share plates and standout Pinot Noir and Estate Chardonnay is the perfect weekend activity.