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Best Wine and Chocolate experiences in Melbourne

Melbourne's best wine and chocolate experiences - is there any better combination than wine and chocolate. Of course we refer to red wine when it comes to chocolate. In our travels we have hugely appreciated some amazing wine and chocolate moments and we wanted to share them with you. Here are our best wine (red) and chocolate experiences in Melbourne:

Pure South  - Southgate

Pure South is a fabulous restaurnat in Southbank Melbourne that features the best of Tasmanian produce. Famous for their fresh meat and seafood produce from Tasmanian farms and waters, there is also a top notch wine and chocolate experience to be had. Tasmanian wine and chocolate is to be raved about as we found. Much can be said about the stunning dessert featuring Anvers dark chocolate (Belgium) put together with fresh Tasmanian produce.

 PureSouth 71
Of course we recommend the other dishes, including top notch steak, and an impressive talking point is that staff have visited the farms in Tasmania and know the producers well! But what also needs to be recognised is that their dessert game is also strong. And it's one of the best vantage points in Melbourne, upstairs at Pure South.  
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 Merricks Creek Winery - Merricks Creek, Mornington Peninsula

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Merricks Creek Winery is one of the most relaxing and rewarding cellar door and winery experiences in Australia. Not only does their share plate selection excite, including Grilled  Raclette Cheese with hot potatoes, cornichons and cocktail onions, but their dessert menu is perfect with their standout Pinot Noir.

A dish that has captured the imagination is the

. This is a steamy warm decadent triumph. Sit on the deck overlooking the vineyards, sit back and relax, as staff bring you this steaming dessert with a container of cream. We suggest pouring the cream over the top of the Chocolate Molten cake and enjoy seeing it drizzle down the sides. 

Stunning also is when you cut through the Chocolate Molten Cake with your spoon to reveal a gooey rich chocolate middle. Does it get any better? Chocolate and Pinot Noir are a match made in heaven! Alsmost worth the trip to the Mornington Peninsula - although we do also recommend the Raclette and the Osso Buco as well. Not to mention the pate and the cheese. And I could go on. Extremely affordable too. A class act!

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By the way, here's the Raclette dish! So freakin good!

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Warm and Rich Chocolate Molten Cake with Cream! Your new addiction. Only an hour from Melbourne (a pretty drive too!).

 House of Food and Wine - Port Melbourne

The House of Food and Wine is an oasis of foodie bliss in Port Melbourne. Some of us have been to many a modern launch where the hype exceeds the quality of the experience. At The House of Wine and Food it's a case of honouring classic style food, in particular french and Italian (you could say Mediterranean). Love a Coq Au Vin? You're at the right place. Not to mention their famous Bouillabaisse - born out of an encounter with Marseilles fishermen in the 1960s. This is a dish that takes days to prepare, with a complex broth and a bowl of delightful seafood - and is available on weekends. While the Bouillabaisse has had much attention the rest of the menu speaks for itself.

HouseWineFood 43

Desserts are a strong performer at this restaurant. French red wine and the best of chocolate and classic desserts is a guilty pleasure.

The special of Mousse au Chocolat was a hit with chocolate flower, ice cream quenelle and vanilla bean cream. Decadent rich chocolate with refreshing flavoursome ice cream and vanilla hit of cream. The Tiramisu is also a chartopper.

HouseWineFood 39

The Sommelier recommended the wine below, the Domaine d'Ourea from the appelations of the Gigondas and fashioned by winemaker Adrien Roustan. Adrien makes this wine from tiny yields, and it's 80% Grenache, 10% Syrah and 10% Cinsault. We were surprised at the elegance and the deep, brooding black fruits and compact structures. Perfect not just with our main courses but also with our desserts!

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 Steak Ministry - Glen Waverley

 Steak Ministry is one of my favourite steak restaurants in Melbourne, hands down. It's not just about cooking up quality steaks, it's about finesse and what you do with them. And Steak Ministry brings an A game to a steak scene here in Melbourne. But Steak Ministry is not just an excellent steak restaurant it's a great restaurant, period. This is no more demonstrated in it's desserts and the famous Amazing 'Smoking Bomb' featured Ferrero Rocher, liquid centre and toasted marshmallows. With a sense of playfulness there was a theatrical display with smoke arising!

SteakMinistry3 2

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Executive Chef Chris Wade has worked in famous kitchens around the world and in Melbourne and boasts associations with Marco Pierre-White and Gordon Ramsay, as well as Michael Lambie and Scott Pickett. We had a chat with Chris and got to hear his passion for fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere. The fact that Steak Ministry has been packed out since it opened several years ago is a testament to Chris Wade and his team!

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Perfect with red wine!

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