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Fabulous New Dishes & Wines at Merricks Creek Winery

Merricks Creek Winery located on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula has released a new selection of fabulous dishes to complement the popular offerings already a hit (such as the Swiss Raclette grilled cheese) on its share plates menu. Not only that but it has added a selection of funky wines to its standout Merricks Creek Pinot Noir and Estate Chardonnay.

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Dr Peter Parker is a top notch winemaker with some of the best Pinot Noir in Australia, not to mention the Estate Chardonnay. Wife Georgina is a gun chef in the kitchen, producing a string of rustic Mediterranean favourites to complement the fine wines. The service team at Merricks Creek does a great job attending to customers stationed at the various dining spaces inside and outside the modern Cellar Door.

Salty hit? Merricks Creek offers delicious Olasagasti anchovies with a warm baguette and butter. Olasagasti anchovies are famous and the company has been sourcing the best anchovies in the Cantabrian Sea off Spain since 1929. This is a charming family fishing enterprise between Bilbao and San Sebastian. Now available at Merricks Creek Winery in Mornington Peninsula as a touch of the Spanish Mediterranean. Melt in your mouth anchovies and we ate them together with the warm fresh bread, mopping up the salty liquid also.

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A highlight is the new 6 hour pulled Lamb Shoulder with mushie peas! Delectable lamb slow cooked is the best. A generous portion for the share plate. Perfectly paired with mushie peas for a rustic triumph! Also perfectly paired with a Pinot Noir!

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Lamb Shoulder from above; perfect with Merricks Creek Pinot Noir.

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Up close and personal. 

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Love beef carpaccio? Carpaccio of eye fillet with a coriander and chilli dressing. Once again, fabulous shared dining at this bespoke winery. They don't sell their wines at bottle stores so this is a unique cellar door experience in terms of food and wine. The food menu has been specifically designed to match the standout wines. 

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A close up of the Olasagasti anchovies with a warm baguette and butter. We recommend ordering a selection of dishes to enjoy share style with the wines.

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Meatballs is a perennial rustic favourite and Merricks creek Winery delivers with Free Range Pork & Fennel Meatballs in tomato sauce on orzo pasta. The pork and fennel goes wonderfully together and the fresh quality tomato sauce sets the dish off, with fine advent of the orzo pasta. Another Mediterranean style delightful dish.

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Desserts at Merricks Creek Winery are super popular including the now famous Deconstructed Tiramisu. The addition of the Passionfruit Curd Tart with a passionfruit glaze is exciting, with quality pastry and filling. A wonderful tang and passionfruit hit!

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Cellar Door is a fun place to be with engaging and friendly staff. Dr Peter Parker is a brilliant winemaker and his passion for the wines and winemaking spills over at the Cellar Door tasting experience.

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Merricks Creek Winery boasts several compelling entertaining and dining spaces.

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The vineyard setting is relaxing and therapeutic!

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A new release of funky wines is another exciting development; including the Jolly Molly Pinot Noir and the Wing It Wine Pinot Gris made by Sam Parker.

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The new wines are available for tasting and purchase.

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Merricks Creek Winery menu is one of the most joyous on the Mornington Peninsula with a broad selection including Terrines, Cheese Plates, Swiss Raclette, Osso Buco, Free Range Chicken Liver Pate, and the popular Main Ridge Goat Curd, tomatoes and warm ciabatta. There's even a Kid's Menu!

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Take the drive to the Mornington Peninsula, with Merricks Creek only an hour from Melbourne. Indulge in the new dishes and wines and the awesome vineyard setting!