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Phat Brats - Top Notch Hot Dogs in Fitzroy

Phat Brats is a dude food haven and is more than your average hot dog joint with a menu brimming with creativity and bang on taste sensations. The sign says "top notch" and not a truer word has been spoken. Phat Brats is arguably the Everest of the hot dog world - although its more about sausage than hot dog. Keen to try some dogs I rocked up after a session at Black Pearl - a great combination by the way.


Phat Brats, the mastermind of Matt and Damo, has a ton of pleasing menu options including the Lamb and Rosemary, Pork and Sage, Wagyu Beef and Black Pepper etc (as you can see in this shot above)... Then see below - the Lamb and Rosemary sausage with mashed peas and cheese... Mashed peas! I felt something primal from my South Australian roots (go the pie floater!) as I devoured this sublime meal. The Seeded sesame bun was just the right bread for the occasion - from a choice of 3 types of Gluten Free, Seeded and Wholemeal.

I went for the Lamb and Rosemary on the waitress recommendation (as I wanted everything on the menu and couldn't decide). Next time I think I'll go for the Chilli Dog - a good benchmark of a star hot dog restaurant performer is their quality of Chilli Dog.


Check out these crazy good fries with chilli sauce and jalapenos... These fries are right up there among the best fries in Melbourne... Seriously...


Then there was the Phat Brats Cheesy Fries... Mmmmmm... Too good. Should be legislated against. You can't stop eating these crispy fresh fries with that creamy cheese... Also among the best fries in Melbourne... Decadent and also a decent portion for the price.



The outlet on Brunswick St is attractive and its a great place to settle in for your meal... Exposed brick, cool artwork, modern benches and tables and above all - friendly staff... They're open late so to be friendly after midnight is no mean feat...


Sit at the window and imbibe the Brunswick collective...

Please also note Phat Brats has a great vegetarian option. And some cool beers.

My advice to those visiting Phat Brats would be to order fries and a drink with your dog. While the gourmet dogs are delicious they probably won't fill you up. The fries are brilliant and the combination with the gourmet dogs is a killer... I still dream of devouring those awesome cheesy fries like a latter years Elvis!

The website tells us Phat Brats are "giving honest and wholesome food a hint of fancy." A great vision. I was wondering about the "wholesome" part but a nutritionist has given them the big tick. Phat Brats could perhaps be incorporated in a healthy diet like the Pritikin diet where you can eat lean meats and vegetables etc. to your heart's content...

Phat Brats is serious contender for Melbourne's best hot dog with stiff competition from Massive Wieners, Dog Nation and Snag Stand...

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