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Fancy Hanks Launches Brilliant New BBQ Menu

Fancy Hanks recently launched a stunning new BBQ menu and The World Loves Melbourne was on hand to experience the BBQ joy. This was a fun night with plenty of foodie highlights and top notch service, showing why Fancy Hanks is on top of its game.

We have rejoiced at Fancy Hanks taking their pop up BBQ bliss to a central location in Bourke St and have poured over the finger licking menu. Coming here is an occasion and lends itself to a buzz of conversation and appreciation of all things BBQ. They are not trying to copy just one BBQ style but there is a strong sense of Texan influence here.

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A couple of BBQ afficiados run Fancy Hanks and the passion is evident. Kent Bell has been operating Fancy Hank’s since 2012 and it has become a BBQ mainstay of note in Melbourne. Mike Patrick, ex San Telmo, has been a powerhouse in the kitchen since joining several years ago, and the menu keeps evolving, influenced by the boys' intrepid travels.

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Recent dishes are inspired by Patrick’s recent trip to the southern states of the USA, culminating in attending the Empire State Barbecue Championships in New York last year.

We were blown away by the range of the menu and the intricacies offered. BBQ has some awesome rustic mindsets attached to it, but Fancy Hanks also brings some finery to the table. Not only are the hero items of ribs and brisket top notch but also the entrees and smaller dishes are to be reckoned with! And the wines to match show some flair!

We can't forget the crispy Buffalo Fried Cauliflower served on a vegan ranch dressing made from cauliflower, house fermented watermelon and Fancy Hanks own cayenne hot sauce.

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Another chart topper was the creamy Devilled Egg, small but creamy goodness. 

A stunning dish was the Smoked Mackerel with preserved lemon, mopped up with crisp BBQ chips. As good as anything you're likely to find in tapas bars around Melbourne. We asked for more!

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The Boudin was also compelling - just cut it open and spread across the Ritz crackers.

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Highlights of the new main menu also included melt-in-your-mouth O'Connors Brisket with pepper rub and red eye gravy. Any cut of O'Connors meat is premium but it's what Fancy Hanks does with the meat that makes it a special dish. Slow cooking and a pepper rub gives the brisket some kick as well as tenderness.

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Pulled pork shoulder, with brown sugar and chipotle vinegar was another highlight. The smokey goodness was paired with a southern style Slaw.

Texan style pork spare ribs were sensational, holding together nicely, with perfect sweetness and texture.

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A surprise packet were the Lamb Ribs with smoked eggplant and cherry BBQ sauce - perhaps my favourite dish of the night! The glaze on these ribs brings all the BBQ lovers to the yard and the addition of smoked eggplant is an example of the nuances of Fancy Hanks. 

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Ribs here are a joy, but as great as they are, Fancy Hanks shows that a BBQ joint is not just about ribs and brisket. So much more to the story!

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Sides were highlights in themselves including the Roast Beet salad, Boston style beans, Corn bread and BBQ fries (OMG!).

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Fancy Hanks covers a few bases with impressive achievement - BBQ, stunning starters, delicious vegetable dishes and killer sides, as well as rocking desserts. You can bring a large group here and feel like all are included.

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Those Lamb ribs (above)!

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Lemon meringue with custard and Hazelnuts and the Coconut pudding were also standouts.

Fancy Hanks service was top notch and this was a lavish affair, even a feast! Can't wait to our next visit!