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Lunching at Meletos in Yarra Valley

Where to dine in the Yarra Valley? Meletos is a great option for those who want a casual meal in a desirable location featuring stunning local produce and share plates. Described as a regional cafe and providore (with accomodation next door) Meletos has become a favourite of the Yarra Valley. For those who don't want a formal style winery option, Meletos is perfect. Surely one of the most compelling places to dine in the Yarra Valley (this is not a sponsored post, we just like coming here).

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The World Loves Melbourne visited Meletos on a fine Melbourne day. Of course the pizzas are famous here, but we were also keen to try some of the other local produce. Freshly shucked oysters with red wine and shallot dressing were a great start.

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Wood Oven Pizzas here are fabulous! For us a bottle of premium wine, and food such as this, is the way to go while in the Yarra Valley. 

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Roast Pumpkin pizza with gorgonzola, rosemary, hazelnut and rocket was stunning.

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Mushroom pizza with Yarra Valley Goats Curd, roasted garlic, thyme, baby spinach was also a revelation.

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So good with standout base.

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French fries with smoked paprika was another highlight. 

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Usually when we arrive Meletos is packed out, but we rolled up for an extremely late lunch around 3pm after wine tasting. Flexibility is another strength of Meletos.

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Bespoke local wines are a feature - the wine list is sensational - and we chose a Journey Wines Pinot Noir.

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Char grilled Hervey Bay scallops with pea puree, mountain ham crumb, dill and pink peppercorn.

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Towards the end of the meal I felt like crashing on a couch in the sun. Or else I could have booked accomodation next door. Tempting.

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We highly recommend the Yarra Valley Goats Curd with truffle honey, and grilled bread. Decadent and irresistible and a perfect advert for Yarra Valley produce.

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Mount Zero olives in marinated herbs is a must order.

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Meletos provides the perfect foodie experience in the Yarra Valley and The World Loves Melbourne is impressed. If you are not looking to drive and would like to visit in style we recommend Wine Compass bespoke wine tours (who visit Meletos).