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IDES Restaurant Stunning New Menu and Refurbishment

IDES restaurant in Collingwood is a dining favourite of the World Loves Melbourne and is a standout fine dining restaurant that always excites with new possibilities. The World Loves Melbourne was invited along to celebrate IDES second birthday, check out the new menu and the recent refurbishment.

Having settled into Melbourne’s' dining scene, IDES’ second birthday coincided with its new dining room make-over. With the addition of more warm, lighter tones and textures using wood and new artwork, Peter Gunn recently re-launched his restaurant with a refurbished new look and a menu that has evolved over the growth and experiences of the last 24 months. 


Soft and warm. How we like it.

It’'s been two incredibly fast years since restaurant IDES, by chef owner Peter Gunn landed on Smith Street. A quiet confident newcomer to the Smith Street energy, the restaurant is now an integral part of the neighbourhood. 

Peter Gunn brings the imagination and electricity of a top notch dining experience. To be honest The World Loves Melbourne is tired of predictable dining experiences that fail to test parameters. IDES is likely to bring new flavour and texture combinations you may not have experienced. With the genius of Peter Gunn it all works; in fact it inspires. We found not only was the new menu a triumph but also the matching wines were a story in themselves. One of the best pairings we've had for a while.


First course was seemingly a bowl of pebbles, but look closer. Fun and clever presentation of Sauteed mushrooms among the pebbles. Wine match was superb with extra dry bubbles.


Continuing the playfulness was the Sesame sourdough and house made peanut butter. Who doesn't love peanut butter? We consumed this with a smile and they offered us more...


Taking a humbled ingredient to the next level. This Cos lettuce with a delectable topping was delicious, fresh and crispy.


In fact an array of small dishes was served at once - together a cacophony of simple pleasures. Baby corn was a hit, as was the Fried chicken. 


Not to mention Rock oyster served in an attractive bowl with larger pebbles and water, resembling the sea.


Amazing sherry in a lightbulb bottle - who would have thought? How they get these pairings to be so spot on and infinitely interesting is a mystery to me. The sherry was a perfect match and we wouldn't mind keeping the bottle.


When you get fresh garden tomatoes right, there's always the wow factor. But the technique and finesse in this dish of Tomatoes with goats cheese, honeycomb, and freeze dried peas was something to behold. One of our favourite dishes of the night.


Then the Sommelier thrills with a Grand Cru sour beer aged in oak. Yes sour beer as an alernative to sparkling wine is a winner. Cloudy, wild and natural.



When the large King Prawn was served as the next course we were curious. The waiter then poured a delightful green onion broth into the bowl for a stunning combination. Among other things, Peter Gunn is known for his high class broths.


The Spencer Gulf King Prawn was wrapped and sliced into small portions so you could get that hit of prawn coupled with the broth in each spoonful. The dish exhibited a good deal of refinement and was delicious.


Peter Gunn loves to engage with diners. You will also often see chefs and staff preparing some elements in the actual restaurant.


Another highlight was this Hiramasa Kingfish with miso mustard, cauliflower and chorizo. After a large selection of smaller dishes this dish was more substantive. A highly prized fish from the crisp Atlantic currents and native to Australia with a firm texture and sweet rich flavour. Once again the broth was a perfect accompaniment.



Already we had experienced a joy and buoyancy about this dining. Fun, flair and diversity in the high class offerings and pairings. 


Lamb neck with pickled turnips, boiled potato and balsamic mustard sauce was a wonderful rendition of a lamb dish. The eclectic sides paired perfectly with the melt in your mouth lamb, which was under a bed of charred parsley. Having the sides served separately highlighted the lamb as hero on the plate. And this was understandable as the lamb was Flinders Island Saltgrass lamb, surely one of the best examples of lamb we have in Australia. Peter Gunn brings top notch technique to every dish but he is also no stranger to comfort food - here in spades.

IDES 109

A little bit of theatre as dishes partly prepared in the restaurant, adding to the whole dining experience.

IDES 114

Another pic of the Lamb Neck - melt in your mouth.

IDES 117

Get your jelly on. Strawberries & Elderflowers is a beautiful dish with strawberries, elderflowers and mascarpone a triumph of taste and texture.

IDES 130

IDES 135

Where do they get these sexy bottles?

IDES 138

Again elevating a humble ingredient, the Dried pineapple with candied ginger sorbet was top notch. Grilled dried pineapple with a hit of candied ginger sorbet that had some warmth.

IDES 143

And to finish a great night was White chocolate in the form of a scroll. Wafer thin with salt and bee pollen.

IDES 148

IDES has thrilled Melbourne diners for the last 2 years and has matured and evolved across the journey. Dishes may push the envelope at times but taken as a whole there's balance in the menu. It has it's own personality in Melbourne in a sea of sameness. Whenever you know you will be visiting IDES you know it will excite, bring new flavours and combinations and help you appreciate ingredients in a new way. Plus it's fun. Peter Gun is one of the most talented chefs in the country. Highly recommended as one of the best dining experiences in Melbourne and we look forward to many more visits.