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Montalto New Relaxed Feel on Mornington Peninsula

Montalto has been revamped with a new relaxed feel that inspires. A favourite of many visitors to the Mornington Peninsula, Montalto continues to evolve and spread its wings as a serious destination.

Soak up an afternoon (as we did) with share plates, tasting menu and fine wines, all while enjoying the casual feel of the restaurant and stunning views. We love the changes to both the restaurant and the Piazza, where the food offering pairs perfectly with the wine offerings. The World Loves Melbourne was invited along to sample the tasting menu and check out the renovation changes. An asado grill in the kitchen means they can cook over coals, an exciting development.

MontaltoM 82

Relaxed and rustic. How we like it.

MontaltoM 23

House made bread part of our first course described as "Snacks".

MontaltoM 9

A tough day in the office we know, enjoying every moment of our experience. Not just the chefs but the owners themselves take pride in the fresh local ingredients, eg the tomato dish we enjoyed of 5 different types of tomato from a private garden. The kitchen garden extends for a massive four acres; the envy of any chef in Melbourne.

MontaltoM 10

MontaltoM 15 

After all this is a family run winery. Go for a walk before or after lunch and take in the extraordinary sculptures and art installations. A rustic style applies to the dishes with a rustic feel to the restaurant and outlook. Perfect for any visitor who wants to relax and imbibe, having escaped the office. You may want to ignore your smartphone for a few hours. Local and sustainable ingredients is the way to go and on trend.

MontaltoM 24

Pork jowl with fermented rhubarb and mustard leaf, with the delightful touch of chrysanthemum powder. A compelling dish.

MontaltoM 64

MontaltoM 26

House made Mortadella with pickled cucumber along with Radish with Yarra Valley Caviar and mascarpone. Delicious and funky.

MontaltoM 34

No linen tablecloths here in the restaurant any more, rather attractive looking tables with attractive timber. With the same high level of service we've come to expect.

MontaltoM 42

Local and seasonal working wonders with this Zucchini, stracciatella, tarragon and dashi. Creamy, crunchy and a championing of all things zucchini.

MontaltoM 49

Tomato, creamed leek, cucumber, cape gooseberry was a standout dish. when tomatoes are in season it's something else, but then it's hard to access top notch tomatoes with full flavour. Here showcased were 5 types of tomatoes from the private garden! Magnificent.

MontaltoM 56

Stunning main dish of Barramundi from Cone Bay WA, tomato, liliput caper and tarragon. Sweet white flesh with excellent accompaniments including a leaf salad with radish and buttermilk. A touch of class and modern dining.

MontaltoM 70

Whipped chocolate , gingerbread, and fermented ginger was a crowd pleaser.

MontaltoM 74

Moscato was a welcome addition to the dessert.

MontaltoM 78

MontaltoM 83 

The little touches - even the coffee was spot on and well presented.

MontaltoM 105

We were also impressed by the changes to the popular Piazza. Dine upstairs in temperature controlled comfort or at a table below in the garden with umbrellas. 

MontaltoM 92

A superb setting on the Mornington Peninsula.

MontaltoM 96

Cellar Door is also top notch, with a wide range of top notch wines.

MontaltoM 106

 And of course the famous car! What an epic afternoon we enjoyed at Montalto. Highly recommended.