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Epic Bomba and Bibi Ji NYC Dinner

One of the highlights of the culinary year for us was the exciting collaboration with Jessi Singh & Rajat Parr of Babu Ji and Bibi Ji in New York City & Santa Barbara popping up in the kitchen of Melbourne’s Bomba restaurant for a one night only event!

The Bibi Ji duo were in town preparing for their upcoming opening which brings Jessi Singh back to Melbourne after an exciting and acclaimed bicoastal stint in the US. Commencing his restaurant career in Melbourne, Singh sold his three local venues and took his modern Indian restaurant, Babu Ji to New York in 2015 and now has two restaurants the United States. 
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Rice paper crisp, jamon floss, manchego cream, tomato, guindilla was a stunning start to the evening. Big flavours, heat and the playfulness of serving up on the rice crisp cones.
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Back in his hometown, Jessi Singh teemed with Bomba’s Jesse Gerner and celebrated chef Matt Wilkinson for a playful and delicious evening. 
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Jesse Gerner is a master of Spanish cuisine and the interplay between Indian and Spanish fare at this event was genius.
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A highlight was the Flinders Island Lamb Chops. 
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Kicking the menu off with Bomba’s flavour bomb the ‘OG’ original gangster appetiser of rice paper crisp with Jamon floss, tomato and guindilla dust atop a glass of black casa mariol vermouth, the night continued to delight with culinary dishes from each including appetisers such as Bibi Ji Santa Barbara’s oysters with green mango pickle butter and their Uni biryani.
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Awesome table of media enjoyed this collaborative event. 
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Sea Perch, coconut turmeric curry was served with brie and blue cheese stuffed naan. Both spectacular elements but the combination was top notch - only certain chefs can pull off fusion dining with this level of excellence.
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The wine matching was another highlight including the quality and range of wines. 
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Casa Mariol vermut negro with guindilla dust was one of the cocktails of the year for me. 
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Amazing were Bomba Wapengo rock oyster, native finger lime, tiger nut milk, sherry vinegar; Babu Ji’s NYC’s famous Indo-Chinese Cauliflower; Matt Wilkinson’s mini Bibi Ji butter chicken pie served with caviar; followed by main course including Bomba’s whole fish, Jessi Singh’s curries and assortment of stuffed naan then finishing up with Bomba’s salted caramel ice cream, poached apple, torta de anis, pecans and more. 
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Bomba Wapengo rock oyster, native finger lime, tiger nut milk, sherry vinegar v Jessi Singh Wapengo rock oyster, green mango pickle butter was once again a triumph combining the skill of the two chefs. Not to mention that the Wapengo rock oysters themselves were as good as it gets.
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Insanely good dish with high innovation and flair - to be served a Sea Urchin Biryani was unexpected and spectacular.  
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Bone marrow on toast, wagyu cecina was a rustic, rich and rewarding dish. Just pick it up and indulge.
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Babu Ji’s NYC’s famous Indo-Chinese Cauliflower.
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Matt Wilkinson has been making waves at The Pie Shop (we've enjoyed a fab visit) and his input of mini Bibi Ji butter chicken pie served with caviar was also genius bringing together an Aussie element with Indian tastes. I may have stolen a second pie.BombaWeb 65
Wood grill broccoli almond tarator, pickled shallot.
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Salted caramel ice cream, poached apple, torta de anis, pecans. 
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Wine was expertly paired by world renowned sommelier, winemaker and author Rajat Parr, whose own wines were shipped to Melbourne for the event, along with imported wines by Bomba, and signature Babu Ji NYC cocktail.
What a night!