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Epic Finding Fire Dinner with Lennox Hastie

Finding Fire Dinner with Sydney chef Lennox Hastie was an epic event with many culinary highlights and a masterful recovery from drama. From his acclaimed restaurant in the backstreets of Sydney's Surry Hills,  Firedoor chef Lennox Hastie headed to South Yarra to bring a firestorm.

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The World Loves Melbourne was blessed to be a plus one, and of course we took the A7Rii camera along.

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Lennox sparked a trend some years ago and his techniques in cooking with fire showcase skill and nuance as well as providing memorable flavours. This is not in line with how I might try and use fire in my backyard BBQ, there is a masterstroke touch to Lennox's work, and the kitchen of Wilson & Market was the place for a great occasion.

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Paul Wilson has been making waves at his Wilson & Market restaurant.

Hastie joined with another maestro chef Paul Wilson at his Wilson & Market restaurant, who has also created a reputation around fire with his oven and bed of coals. The Firedoor Dinner was about a one-night-only six-course dinner to showcase the flavours of fire and the best of produce.

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UK-born Hastie is known for his fascination with fire and started his career in Michelin-starred restaurants across Europe. He opened Firedoor in 2011 to showcase his skilful wood-fired cooking. And Firedoor and Hastie have been a culinary phenomenon.

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Negroni first.

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Grilled pipis with wild garlic and karkalla.

Wilson shares Hastie's passion for flames, as well as seasonal, organic produce and sustainable seafood. His luxe eatery and bar shows off years of experience in Melbourne's best kitchens. Talk about firepower.

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Octopus with grilled radicchio was a stunning dish.

Each chef created three courses, with a menu that included special dry-aged beef rib; grilled pipis with wild garlic and karkallas; octopus with grilled radicchio; Orange-roasted wild kingfish with Ortiz anchovy; cherry wood-grilled quail with house pomegranate figs and sweet sausage; and chocolate parfait with chestnut dulce de leche and spiced quince for dessert.

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Orange-roasted wild kingfish with Ortiz anchovy.

Each course was a celebration in line with the star billing. I went into superlative overdrive at each course, but also noticed positive feedback around the table. I haven't visited Firedoor as yet (despite close attempts) and made it a firm plan to do so while in Sydney.

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 Cherry wood-grilled quail with house pomegranate figs and sweet sausage.

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Stunning 186 day dr-aged rib of beef, vine roasted with cauliflower, aged tallow and hazelnuts. Melt in your mouth with a 7+ marble score.

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Dessert was also a triumph; single origin chocolate parfait with chestnut dulce de leche and spiced quince.

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I've seen fire and I've seen rain.

To add to the evening, the fire activity in the kitchen set off the sensors for the sprinkler system to be activated. While staff retrieved most of the produce, many hundreds of litres of water rained down on the kitchen. So we had fire and rain - something like a James Taylor song. in one of the great recoveries of the year, the kitchen team managed to finish off the main course rib of beef at the other end of the large kitchen. one of the great moments in Melbourne culinary history and one we will never forget.

Top notch wines from Port Phillip Estate were paired with the meal. What a night!