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Great Chefs Series with Philippe Mouchel at Angliss

Philippe Mouchel is one of Australia's iconic chefs with a long list of achievements. His Great Chefs series luncheon at Angliss Restaurant in Melbourne was epic. Trained under the legendary Paul Bocuse, Philippe Mouchel has graced Melbourne kitchens with extraordinary skill, passion and as a gentleman for decades. His French cooking is highly acclaimed and he was able to impart once again his skill to the budding (and graduating) Angliss trained chefs.

Philippe told the diners that this was the kind of food he enjoyed cooking in the winter season. Rustic and rewarding. Chestnut soup, ox cheek and a citrus dessert - can it get any better?

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Philippe Mouchel giving priceless hands on input to soon to graduate Angliss Institute students.

It was great to sit alongside Stuart, Emma, Frosty and Andrew at the table from Angliss Institute management. And to connect with Lisa who runs PR and Communications. This is a convivial and professional foodie hub where the staff are massive foodies themselves and the culture of Angliss is a celebration of education, skill, and hospitality of the highest order. The fact that Melbourne is seen as a foodie hub in the world isn't just due to the high quality chefs, restaurant and cafes we see, but also due to Angliss. Training and helping chefs and hospitality students achieve their dreams.

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And to see great chefs like Philippe Mouchel, giving back to the industry in this way, is encouraging for the future of the industry.

Scotchman's Hill wines were outstanding including 2012 Cornelius Airds Chardonnay from Bellarine Peninsula, 2015 Scotchmans's Hill Shiraz, and the 2016 Scotchamn's Hill Late Harvest Riesling. We can thank Scotchman's Hill and Frosty (Andrew Frost) for the Scotchman's Hill elegant selection.

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Entree was New season chestnut veloute. The mushroom had been prepared for hours and dried in the oven for a crisp finish. This was one of the best soups I've ever eaten. I'm not sure if I've ever had a chestnut veloute to be honest, but it was the perfect winter's dish. Packed with savoury flavours and creamy in texture.

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Main course was Beef ox cheek carbonade, mash potato, glazed carrot, lard emulsion. The lard emulsion featured bacon. Once again, this was perfect winter dining. The beef cheek was melt in your mouth and the plating impeccable.

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Dessert was also a chart topper with Almond blanc manger, citrus and meringue, speculoos crumble.

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Thanks again to Angliss, Philippe Mouchel, and the students!

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Running for over 20 years, the Great Chefs program provides our cookery and hospitality students with the opportunity to work alongside some of Australia's most recognised chefs. It also provides the food lovers of Melbourne the chance to experience exclusive menus from well-known chefs at prices between $55-85 (including matched wines) while supporting the next generation of chefs and hospitality leaders.