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Grand Richmond Epic Mac Forbes Dinner

Mac Forbes is a compelling winemaker who has captivated the Australian Wine Industry and made waves in the Yarra Valley. Sometimes in an industry that can be at times predictable, Mac Forbes brings a refreshing and inspirational approach. Grand Richmond was the perfect venue for the Mac Forbes Dinner (Como Room). I rate Grand Richmond as one of the top foodie destinations in Melbourne. The restaurant is top notch and their foodie events second to none. This was no exception.

This was an exclusive dinner with one of the most thought provoking and entertaining young Australian wine makers.  Capturing Mac’s homage to old world wine culture, The Grand presented a delicately curated menu of traditional Italian fare and a selection of his 2015-17 vintages. The evening made us all want to visit Mac Forbes in Healesville. And to get hold of his wines.

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2015 Miss Moss Blanc de Blancs in the courtyard was epic.

I felt like I knew Mac Forbes from his wines. Unpretentious wines but elegant. Not overproduced. When Mac speaks about "respecting place" the diners at Grand Richmond resonate. And by the way, when Mac Forbes speaks he is not just passionate but relatable and entertaining.

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Braised artichoke.

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Mac Forbes and Dave (one of the owners of Grand Richmond). Barnie (another owner) met the guests in the courtyard.

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Grand Richmond excels with "the little touches".

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Grand Richmond nailed it with the food matching the wine. Thanks to Barnie and the team! If you ever want amazing value quality foodie events in Melbourne, then visit Grand Richmond and get yourself on their mailing list. I feel that every event is generous and reasonably priced. Their membership/birthday offer deal is sensational - have a degustation on your birthday and pay for one (second person free).

Carciofi brasati con stracciatella, biscotti al finocchio e pesto alla trapanese
Braised Artichoke, stracciatella, fennel lavosh and trapanese pesto

2015 Miss Moss Blanc de Blancs

The braised artichoke and Blanc de Blancs was a delightful combination to commence the evening. 

GrandWeb 26

Carpaccio di ricciola, finocchio, mela e crema acida
Kingfish crudo, fennel, cured apple, lemon verbena & sour cream

2017 Yarra Valley Chardonnay

Kingfish crudo was exceptional and perfect with Mac Forbes modern chardonnay.

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Anatra Lasagna con parmigiano Reggiano

Duck Lasagne with aged Reggiano parmesan

2017 Yarra Valley Pinot Noir

Duck lasagne was a revelation and was superbly matched with the Pinot Noir.

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Manzo arrosto con castagne, cime di rapa, radicchio e cipolle brasate
Roast beef with chestnuts, cime di rapa, radicchio and braised onions

2017 Yarra Valley Syrah

Perfect winter warmer and seasonal chestnuts, beautiful with the syrah.

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Tome de Savoie con Patate e Tartufo nero fresco
Potato with tome de savoie and fresh black truffle

2016 EB27 Cabernet

This potato dish was a talking point, topped with truffle shavings. Rustic stunning cooking.

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Head Chef Andrew Beddoes was on fire for the Mac Forbes Dinner.

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Every diner I spoke to was raving about the evening. Then it was downstairs to watch the World Cup. What a night.