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Annam Launches Joyous Hot Pot Mondays

Annam is bringing joyous dining to a cold Melbourne winter with the launch of Hot Pot Mondays. Now on Mondays you can select from three types of traditional regional Vietnamese hot pots (various broths) on the menu for a unique Melbourne dining experience. We were invited to experience Hot Pot Mondays at Annam at 56 Little Bourke St and left feeling satiated and warmed, and even entertained.

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First things first. Yuzu and Prosecco, a fabulous combination. Cocktail game at Annam is strong.


Head Chef and Owner Jerry Mai is smashing it at Annam. Those who come here often return again and again. I always describe dining at Annam as joyous. With chef Jerry Mai, the flavours are fresh and punchy and the ingredients of the ultimate best quality, local and seasonal.

Dining here is top notch but won't break the bank. Broth for your hot pot is $25 per hot pot which is enough for 2 - 4 people and includes Szechuan chilli soy and lemongrass sate dipping sauces, while add ins are charged per menu item. 

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What a selection! Steaming hot pot goodness with premium ingredients to order such as wagyu beef, prawns, mussels, calamari, lobster balls, fish balls, lemongrass chicken broth, chicken hearts, tripe, Chinese broccoli, bok choi, egg noodles and more.

Just choose the ingredients you want to dip into the bubbling hot pot (ok we went 'big" and ate just about everything). Ladles and little baskets and implements are given to make the task easier. And the aromas!

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Order fresh large prawns for example and use your chopsticks to place them in the hot pot. Wait a short period (staff can advise) then put them into your bowl, with other ingredients such as noodles or vegetables. Plus spoon in some of the broth! Super tasty and winter warming but also fun and playful!

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Pulling a prawn out of the hot pot with the little basket. We loaded up our hot pot with a plethora of top quality produce.

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Calamari, mussels and fish are perfect for the hot pot. A seafood lovers delight.

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All about the broth. At Annam, they are offering three broths for you to choose from. From the North we have a Hanoi style broth made of pork hock and artichoke. From central Vietnam and the Imperial City of Hue it's a lemongrass and chilli broth and the South is represented with a hot and sour broth similar to that found on the streets of Saigon. There is a shiitake broth for our vegetarian guests and a selection of meats, seafood, tofu, fresh herbs and vegetables and noodles will allow you to make the hot pot your own.

When the hot pot first arrived it already had some ingredients inside and a compelling broth. I opted to add chilli from bowls provided for extra kick.

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Joyous dining. A perfect way to dine with friends.

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Hot pot action; ladling noodles into the bowl and also pulling out another large cooked prawn. 

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Annam is a popular restaurant in the Melbourne CBD even on a Monday night.

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Some of the ingredients that we cooked in the hot pot; a selection of fine seafood, chicken hearts, vegetables and noodles.

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Quality wagyu beef at a reasonable price.

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Expect vegetable sides to go for $5-$7 per serve, seafood and meats from $5-$14 and noodles or tofu are $5 each.

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Head chef Jerry Mai speaking to us about the Annam hot pot selection. Hot pot found it's way to Vietnam via China hundreds of years ago. Over time, the Vietnamese version has developed with the distinct flavours of Vietnam and is lighter and fresher than the Chinese version. 

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Dessert was also a highlight. Young coconut jelly, grilled corn and coconut sorbet was a sophisticated dessert with first class flavours and textures. Not too heavy after our hot pot meal. Also Jack fruit!

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Chef and owner Jerry Mai working wonders at Annam.

What's more, I guarantee you'll leave toasty warm - a signature cocktail won't hurt either (Vietnamese coffee espresso martini, anyone?!)
These hot pots are available on Mondays with limited availability (recommend you book) and are best shared between friends - so they are very special indeed. Gather with your friends around a big bubbling hot pot and escape winter for a moment.

Thanks to Katie Shiff from Lotus Communications and Jerry Mai and her team at Annam. Highly recommended.