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Ceylon Blends World Best Sri Lankan Teas in Melbourne

Ceylon Blends is a Melbourne business that imports fine teas from choice plantations in Sri Lanka and we believe this is the best tea supplied in Melbourne. The World loves Melbourne was invited to sample the teas by the owner Nilanka Nanayakkara (this is not a sponsored post). We concluded Ceylon Blends teas are super premium and affordable with stunning aromas, flavour, authenticity and freshness. Being coffee freaks we've actually shifted some of our allegiance to tea - because it's that good!

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Nilanka shared his compelling story with The World Loves Melbourne. At the age of 18 he had to make awhether to continue with his passion for cricket (played at a high level) or decide to honour his tea heritage as a 4th generation professionally trained tea tester. This might sound simple but there is comprehensive training over years to become an expert tea taster.

The position Nilanka has in the industry means he can get access to the "best of the best" that other companies can't access.

Ceylon Blends is able to source tea from the top 10 tea estates in Sri Lanka out of 800 estates, and make this tea available online and for top Melbourne cafes. Cafes like Brunetti and Laurent Boulangerie stock his teas.

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You can order online to get world best tea in Melbourne. Ceylon Blends uses proper bergamot in the Earl Grey tea whereas some companies just use bergamot essence because it's expensive.

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Teas are premium and are available online in loose leaf in cannisters or in pyramid bags.

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Here is Nilanka visiting a tea plantation in Sri Lanka. Nilanka also worked as a crew member for Sri Lankan Airlines before moving to Melbourne in 2002 and was instrumental as part of the initial team of Koko Black. In 2009 he launched out with his passion for tea to form Ceylon Blends. 

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The concept of Ceylon Blends is different from many other companies as Nilanka buys direct from the estates. He visits the top 10 estates himself to taste the tea and ensure quality. This is the best of the best!

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Tasting tea in Sri Lanka. We know of no other company with this connection. Ceylon Blends boasts a plethora of discerning tea connoisseurs who purchase their teas online. There are many cases of consumers photographing their tea when they visit top Melbourne cafes so they can contact Nilanka to order Ceylon Blend teas.

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This premium tea arrangement is a fabulous new product that folds out for a display of premium teas (in sachets that house pyramid tea bags). Teas include Green Tea, English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Ginger Lemongrass, Chamomile and Peppermint. So refreshing and flavoursome! 

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After ordering Ceylon Blends online you need to make sure you have a proper teapot. the quality is so good you don't have to put as much loose leaf tea in the pot - say 1 1/2 teaspoons. The aroma of the teas is amazing!

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Yes tea has health benefits but the strength of Ceylon Blends is that the freshness and flavour is stunning! If you're like us you'll be hooked and never settle for an "average" cup of tea again.

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Nothing like the pick me up of a Peppermint tea during the day or a soothing Chamomile tea at night. Check out Ceylon Blends online. If you're a cafe you may want to supply this awesome tea to your customers. Highly recommended.