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Tasting New Express Menu at Red Spice QV

Red Spice QV is a perennial favourite of ours and we visited recently by invitation to sample the new Spring menu. For many including myself I often crave for Asian flavours when in the Melbourne CBD. Red Spice QV delivers the best of Asia consistently right in the heart of the Melbourne CBD. What strikes us is the quality of the food, its freshness, and also big Asian flavours across the dishes. We think the Express menu is perfect for say city workers who have time constraints and want something extra above the norm, and at a reasonable price.

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 We arrived as soon as Red Spice QV opened for lunch and sat by the large window looking into the lane and into the square in QV. Service was excellent from the start.

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For the Express lunch you can get a reasonably priced glass of house red.

Red Spice QV is big on Asian flavours but delivers a selection of fresh local ingredients. The chef is top notch and brings an array of Asian flavours - of Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, China, Burma, Laos and more.

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Express menu comes with a Starter; here we enjoyed the Chicken, coconut, peanut, lime leaf, chili relish, with cassava cracker. Big flavour with crunch.

At Red Spice QV the menus are regularly refreshed and updated, but of course there is always the famous pork belly dish that is one of the most famous in Melbourne. We were glad to see this on the Express menu. We were also glad to see flavoursome Asian salads with premium produce to suit the season of spring/summer.

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Famous chartopper Crispy pork belly, apple slaw, chili caramel, black vinegar is a dish we've been salivating over and enjoying for about 8 years since we first visited Red Spice Road. Always excited. A tip is to utilise the black vinegar in the jar and pour it over the dish.

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Yellow lamb curry, sweet potatoes, coriander, crispy onion (left) is an engaging dish. Soft tender lamb in a compelling sauce perfect when spooned over the jasmine rice supplied. We always love coriander in a curry especially fresh coriander.

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What a spread!

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Korean sweet potato noodle salad with pickled carrot, daikon, and sesame dressing was a tasty refreshing salad (left). A highly enjoyable flavoursome dish with depth was the Master stock chicken, choy, water chestnuts and lotus (right).

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Yellow lamb curry was outstanding.

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Also refreshing in season was the Squid, chilli, tomato and coriander salad. Fresh selection of tomatoes of the season were exceptional and the piece of squid took the salad to next level (one you could enjoy as a meal in itself). Zesty and tasty.

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A large bowl of Jasmine rice (enter left) was a welcome addition to soak up the curries. Plenty of food for our 2 person Express lunch. 

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Feast from above. Highly recommend the new Express menu at Red Spice QV. 

The fit out is always attractive at Red Spice QV - it's a smart looking restaurant in the middle of town. A place that is perfect to visit for city workers with their teams, or even going it solo. As the dishes are shared it's the perfect way to dine when catching up with your colleagues and friends. Or even with family - as we have dined as a family there with great satisfaction. Check it out!