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Clonakilty Australia Black Pudding Degustation at Gingerboy

An epic degustation prepared by Teague Ezard showcasing Clonakilty Australia black pudding held at Gingerboy was a superb event. For black pudding to be showcased with Asian influences was exciting for all. We are seeing a black pudding renaissance in Melbourne, often to be found on Melbourne brunch menus, but now we find consumers are also enjoying black pudding also at home.

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Clonakilty is the number one black pudding maker in Ireland and the story goes that owner Colette Twomey visited Australia several years ago and imagined her product being adopted by Aussies. She brought some of her team to Melbourne and the rest is history.

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In forging a relationship with iconic butcher Peter Bouchier we now see Clonakilty black pudding being sold through Peter Bouchier into cafes, restaurants and homes. Peter spoke about his relationship with Clonakilty and about how demand for black pudding has surged in Melbourne. He resonates with the vision and values of Clonakilty and considers the partnership a great match.

A sales presence in Melbourne has meant Clonakilty black pudding has thrived more than even the owner could have dreamed of. We are hearing reports that serious amounts of black pudding are flying off the shelves. Clonakilty black pudding has secret spices and is made with the finest meat cuts as well as a key ingredient of oats. Black pudding also has a decent shelf life which is helpful for home consumers.

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We began with local sparkling wine and then enjoyed local wines that pair perfectly with black pudding.

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Gingerboy is an upmarket darling of the Melbourne foodie scene. Asian influences are innovative, fresh, with big flavours. The perfect setting for this Clonakilty event.

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Guests mingle as Peter Bouchier chats with Adam Nicholls from Wine Compass.

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Colette Twomey owner of Clonakilty addresses guests and told the inspirational story of Clonakilty and how she visited Australia to launch Clonakilty Australia. Of course it was not possible to send the black pudding from Ireland, but rather the secret spices are sent here and the pudding is made here by iconic Peter Bouchier. From humble beginnings making black pudding from the back of a butcher's shop in Ireland, Clonakilty is a large thriving business which makes exceptional products.

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Thai Beef Salad, Crispy Clonakilty Black Pudding with hot sour dressing, paired with 2016 Bellweather Nero D'Avola Rosé. A sexy dish that was heightened by the black pudding.

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Executive Chef Teague Ezard was on hand telling guests he loved experimenting and developing dishes for this event featuring Clonakilty black pudding. 

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Another show stopper was the Pan Fried Clonakilty Black Pudding, Canadian Scallops with red chilli Nahm Jim and young coconut, paired with 2017 Liquid Rock n Roll "White Noise" Gewurztraminer Blend. Scallops were perfectly cooked and complemented the pan fried black pudding. This was a top notch combo and a great way to enjoy the taste and texture of the black pudding.

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Guests were raving about this high quality event at a Melbourne institution.

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Showing the versatility of black pudding, Clonakilty Black Pudding and Shiitake Siu Mai with black vinegar dressing and spring onion, paired with 2017 Mandala Pinot Noir, was a triumph.

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Also a revelation was Clonakilty white pudding. Steamed Blue Eye Cod, Clonakilty White Pudding and Dry Peanut Curry with 2016 Dominique Piron Beaujolais-Villages was an exciting dish with crunch, creaminess and big flavours.

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This was an eye opener of how Clonakilty black (and white) pudding can be displayed in spectacular fashion.

We rounded off with a Gingerboy Dessert Plate.

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While some may enjoy black pudding as a side dish or part of a brunch menu, we saw that black pudding can have a wide range of exciting applications on a menu, including lunch and dinner menus. Get your black pudding supply from Peter G Bouchier Butchers of Distinction (several locations)!