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Piccolina x Future Future gelato mochi launch

The World Loves Melbourne was invited to the Piccolina x Future Future gelato mochi launch. This was a top notch Italo-Japanese event and a great example of the innovative collaborations that are taking place in our city right now.
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Delicious unique gelato mochi.
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For one day only the gelato mochi dessert ball wil be available at Piccolina Collingwood. We sampled the gelato mochi and can't get enough! Think a creamy fior de latte gelato with tangy mandarin, lemon and yuzu sorbet for the mochi filling. Perfect refreshment for the season! The mixture is shaped into a ball and hand wrapped in glutenous flour. There will be only 200 available at Piccolina Collingwood on Friday Nov 16 and they will set you back $7 each.
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The dessert will also be on the menu at Future Future in Richmond until Dec 1.
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We're also a sucker for a katsu-sandos and Future Future delivers. In fact we were enjoying these at the recent Oaks Day at Flemington in the Bird Cage.
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We're crazy over Yuzu Spritz! Drink of the summer?
On the other hand we weren't familiar with Japanese disco - only disco of the John Travolta kind.
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And when it comes to gelato, Piccolina serves up some of the best in town. The flavours and texture is awesome and Piccolina are always evolving with intersting offerings. A japanese influence for the gelato mochi is perfect for the season as a refreshing alternative.
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Melbourne identity Sofia Levin with celebrity @lifeofjinkie. 
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A great night of  katsu-sandos, yuzu spritz, gelato, Japanese disco and of course the delicious Italo-Japanese flavoured gelato mochi! The mochi is as awesome for its texture as its taste. Grab some!