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Visit to Benny Burger in Richmond

The World Loves Melbourne was invited to Benny Burger in Richmond to sample the menu across the range.  "The Ethical Burger" is a great thing and Shannon Bennett delivers in terms of sustainable and ethical, as well as taste. The burgers are fresh, delicious, rewarding and interesting, if not innovative. And there's even more to Benny Burger than just burgers - so much to discover.

The emphasis on sustainable and organic produce is a pioneering concept for a burger house (to our understanding). Tired of over processed burgers? The feeling we get when visiting Benny Burger is the freshness and the premium produce. We ate a heap of food but left not feeling either guilty or bloated. And that's unusual for us.

We also felt that Benny Burger has a lot going on in terms of its offerings. Yes the burgers are great. But so are the sides. So are the drinks. Even the coffee. The layout is fun with games and murals and even a photo booth.

Benny Burger is also a celebration of Shannon's father who ostensibly loved a burger or two. Benny Burger comes across as a labour of love with quality and attention to detail. 

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Loaded fries are a popular item at burger joints these days and Benny Burger impresses with Cheesy Firecracker Loaded Fries. A hit with decent chillies and a welcome cheese kick with heat. Fries were also top notch.

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The sheer range of burgers is impressive. Something for everyone. No apologies needed for this No Apologies Double Cheese Burger with bacon. I judge burger houses on their double beef burgers (like judging a pizza joint on their Margarita). This burger is superb with excellent double well seasoned premium Wagyu patties, great char on the beef, perfect cheese melt across the patties (cheese on both), quality bacon, fresh buns at perfect size (hold together nicely as well), with tang of onions, pickles and Benny's sauce. Highly recommended for any burger lover.

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Benny's Bar is modern if not chic.

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Vietnamese patty (choice of beef or free range chicken), coleslaw, nuoc nam sauce, pickled daikon, spring onions, red chilli, coriander, firecracker mayo. This was the free range chicken burger and it was delicious. Vietnamese flavours are to the fore for a modern burger flavour.

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Famous The Chang burger (a response to comments made by David Chang about Aussie burgers) with Wagyu beef, fried egg, local cheddar, lettuce, pickled onion, pickles, beetroot relish, Benny sauce. A touch of class that the burger contains a beetroot relish rather than just a piece of beetroot. This burger can be messy but so rewarding. Get your napkin ready. But it all comes together in a juicy triumph that works with great balance.

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Benny Brew Pale Ale was top notch. Sometimes with venues I find their own brew doesn't measure up but not in this case. A sessional beer in my opinion.

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A surprise was the Hand Dipped Potato Cakes. We had to be careful as these were moorish in terms of creamy texture as well as taste - as we knew we had a large meal. Quite filling for potato cakes and some of the best we've tasted.

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Healthy drinks are featured on the menu. including pressed juices, kombucha and organic sodas. 

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Here is the meat version of The Bahn-Mi Burger featuring a Wagyu patty. Delicious and works wonderfully.

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We've worked out that plenty of planning and thought has gone into these burgers. The Cluck Off features Free range organic chicken fillet, bacon, local cheddar, lettuce, tomato, firecracker mayo. While I'm mainly a beef kind of guy The Cluck Off did it for me. A classic chicken burger with a premium touch.

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Mr Fun-Gi was a surprise as a Shroom Burger. Normally you expect a large portabello mushroom as the patty, for example. But I like it this way. I get to eat my beef as well as mushroom. The well seasoned premium 125g Wagyu beef is joined by local cheddar, crispy onion rings, pickles, sauteed mushrooms & onions, zippy tomato sauce. I assume the sauteed mushrooms would be mushrooms in season. The crispy onion rings give a perfect crunch.

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When you've enjoyed the burgers, sides and drinks, out come the doughnuts. Fresh and high quality. Nutella and Vanilla. A real crowd pleaser with generous delicious fillings.

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Artwork on the wall and large screen makes for a great vibe.

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Check out Benny Burger. Hard to beat quality and values and they play to their strengths of Shannon Bennett's cafes/restaurants (eg fresh bakery products from Burnham Bakery & Piggery cafe). Highly recommended.