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Babajan Eatery One of Melbourne's Best Cafes

Babajan is one of Melbourne's best cafes. Hands down. Of course it's described as an eatery so in some ways it's more than a cafe. The World Loves Melbourne was invited to brunch to experience the Babajan magic.

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Babajan shines as a modern Turkish and Middle Eastern eatery in the eclectic suburb of Carlton North. Coffee is top notch, the first port of call for our weekday brunch.

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With a powerful claim to fame Babajan became a feature in none less than the New York Times. As a great example of a Melbourne cafe and all that is good about the Melbourne cafe culture. We agree. If you were on Mars trying to sell the Melbourne coffee scene to aliens you may well elect Babajan as the Melbourne earth representative. A chic smallish cafe with natural light beaming through, smart furniture, and plenty of action behind the counter watching staff making salads and the like, it hums.

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A rustic even charming vibe, with pleasant Melbourne views out the windows. Sanded old church pews add to the charm.

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Brunch cocktail. Yes that's right, a spicy version of the Bloody Mary was compelling.

But it's the food and bakery goods where Babajan Eatery becomes other worldly. Walk in and you are hit by amazing aromas from the baked goods. Then when you see the selection behind the counter you start to salivate.

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Crab and Halloumi Omelette with Cucumber, Avocado, Radicchio and Kefalograviera dressing was a sensation. Silky generous omelette with the most delicate yet rich crab filling. And the salad should not be underestimated as a flavoursome fresh zesty accompaniment. A smash hit! All served with simit bread, circular bread topped with seeds, delicious in itself.

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Menemen Turkish Baked Eggs, Spiced Tomato, Spinach, Pistachio Dukkah with lamb shoulder. Another smash hit. A hearty brunch dish with standout Middle Eastern flavours. You may love Turkish eggs but have you tried this version? Highly recommend the lamb shoulder as it's melt in your mouth and goes so well with the eggs. 

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Some of the best brunch dishes we have ever had in Melbourne.

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The plethora of extraordinary baked goods simply can't be ignored.

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Kudos to Kirsty Chiaplias a reluctant rock star chef, who has worked with Gordon Ramsay, Jarrod Hudson and Andrew Blake. Also featuring is head chef Ismail Tosun (ex Gigibaba). We've found ourselves a new favourite brunch destination in Melbourne. And the good news is they are open on Friday and Saturday nights for dinner. Highly recommended.