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Tipico Shines with Milan style in Windsor

Tipico impresses with its chic ambience and it's fun playful quality menu, channeling Milan into Windsor.

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Andrea Da Como (D.O.C., Baby, Builders Arms Hotel) is the visionary behind Tipico after a visit to Milan, the capital of style. We understand when Da Como visited Dry – a well known bar and restaurant – he envisioned Tipico, which he opened in Windsor with Marco Scalisi (Ti Amo, Swillhouse Group, Tokyo Tina) earlier this year. Having been to Milan myself I can identify with the style and the smart food and wine offerings. The trend these days is such that you need to ask yourself, "is it a bar or a restaurant?" You feel like you can visit for several purposes - a drink with a friend - or a full blown dinner. Locals may want to visit more than once a week.

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Peroni to begin. Service staff were top notch all night in terms of engagement but also in their humour and character.

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Fiore di Burrata featuring buffalo-milk cheese burrata, roasted tomatoes and basil pesto. Fresh, zesty and rewarding.

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Vitello tonnato featuring poached veal, tuna mayo, and crispy capers was a joyous dish. The combination of veal and tuna mayo is brilliant.

Kudos to interior designer Stephanie Korolija (Studio Ole), featuring great use of wood, as well as a neon sculpture and artwork by London artist Meg Abbott.

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The menu features Italian classics and crowd pleasers with a modern twist. Tagliolini with spanner crab, cherry tomato, chilli was an exceptional dish with the sweet seafood hit of the spanner crab alluring and the pasta perfectly cooked.

A menu that has something for everyone, you can go big, or simply enjoy top quality traditional pasta and pizza in the Roman-style.

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Tipico's famous Cotoletta (also known as a schnitzel) is highly impressive. This Italian delicacy is a long standing menu item of this trattoria since way back when. The golden-crumbled, pan-fried veal cutlet delight is one of Tipico’s most loved dishes - and considered one of life’s simple pleasures for a cosy, lazy lunch. Tender meat and compelling crumb.

The Cotoletta is expertly prepared, daily, by made executive chef Daniele Colombo. Using your typical loaf of bread for breadcrumbs, grissini torinesi (thin, delicate bread sticks) is then added to vary the size in the crumbs adding texture and flavour. Fresh herbs like rosemary and thyme are also added to infuse the oil that the cutlet is fried in for extra taste. 

An Italian giardiniera, piquant with an assortment of pickled vegetables (capsicum, onion, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots) and white-wine vinegar, is the perfect accompaniment – along with Italian wine. 

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A crowd pleaser and a must oder.

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Dessert was fun and delicious with inventive Pizza Dolci with apricots, disaronno custard and fior di latte gelato.

Produce is king. Seafood is sourced from Ocean Made and cheese from La Latteria.

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Also highly impressive is the Semi Freddo with ricotta, chocolate, pistachio.

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When it comes to wine, fine reds from Italy’s top wine regions are available. The cocktail list is also excellent.

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Tipico is a perfect restaurant for a long leisurely lunch or dinner. Check it out.