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Best Wineries to Relax on the Mornington Peninsula

Looking to relax at a winery on the weekend? Are you tired of over crowded wineries where buses are pulling in every 5 min and it's tough to relax? Here are some of our favourite Mornington Peninsula wineries to relax and imbibe and take in the serenity. You may have had a hard week in the office. Come to these recommended wineries to unwind.

Merricks Creek

Merricks Creek Winery is the perfect bespoke winery to relax. A family run winery on the Peninsula, Merricks Creek boasts a stunning vineyard setting that virtually backs on to the cellar door. Sit on the raised deck or other appealing table spaces and you feel like you are in the vineyards. Not only that but Merricks Creek also has a Monet inspired garden. As I was enjoying lunch there recently a customer pointed out a large twisted willow bordering the car park she couldn't take her eyes off.

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Pinot Noir is a standout including close planted Pinot which has a distinctive intensity.

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Enjoy a wine tasting with Dr Peter Parker at the modern cellar door (an engaging host and winemaker) an amazing experience in itself. A line of cypress trees around the vineyards is a dramatic backdrop with the garden displaying different shades of green. Very Monet like. Or take in the vast lawn.

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Simple pleasure. Burrata and wine overlooking the vineyards.

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Merricks Creek is full of character with a series of antique wooden tables (up to 200 years old) including a private space with long table for hire. Check it out for your next function!

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Character and bespoke charm everywhere you look.

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Enjoy with gourmet share plates (lovingly and expertly prepared by Georgina Parker) ranging from Grilled Raclette cheese to Slow cooked lamb, as well as other hearty dishes and a range of cheese plates and award winning terrines. You won't want to leave!

Kerri Greens

Kerri Greens is another bespoke experience on the Peninsula by Tom McCarthy and Lucas Blanck, associated also with Quealy Winemakers. The boutique handpicked wine speaks for itself and the modern cellar door is engaging. But there is also a wonderful space with stunning views that is available to bring your own picnic. It's like a design your own afternoon affair.

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Wines at Kerri Greens are some of the best on the Peninsula and can be described as boutique. 

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We visited recently and there were a few groups enjoying the facilities with their own offerings (Kerri Greens doesn't provide food at this stage although it sometimes has one off foodie events). Gaze dreamingly across the slops as you sit in your deckchair. Or engage the winemaker at cellar door for a chat.

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Cellar door is modern if not quirky.

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A gem of the Mornington Peninsula. Beers as well as wines are on offer. Open on Saturdays.

Old Apple Shed

Old Apple Shed still seems to be a secret gem of the Peninsula that not everybody knows about. For me it's as quirky as the set of Mad Max. Every time we visit it seems the outdoor setting is arranged a little differently.

oldappleshedweb 20

Enjoy the food and wine offerings indoors or as we like it, outdoors in a quirky setting.

oldappleshedweb 25

The wines are excellent with our pick being the shiraz.

oldappleshedweb 34

BBQ offerings are a great part of the menu.

oldappleshedweb 38

Yes there is an actual shed! 

oldappleshedweb 4

Use of odds and ends in the set up - it's not a super polished look but exudes character. How we like it. Food offerings are casual but also top notch (love the BBQ features) and the range of wines is surprising. Not only wines but excellent beers and ciders. Check out the old juke box which pumps out awesome tunes (speakers must be good).