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Yu Kitchen Opens at Chadstone

Yu Kitchen is a top notch restaurant in the Chadstone Luxury Precinct that takes fine dining at Chadstone to another level.  The World Loves Melbourne was invited by Morri Behrmann of Stonebarn Truffles and General Manager, Oliveria to the Grand Launch. Yu Kitchen is a joint venture between The Oriental & Ruyi Group in Malaysia and Calia Collective of Australia. The entire menu is a curated collective of experiences. We also visited Calia which is directly below Yu Kitchen, both venues launching on the same day.

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Food and media identity Rita Erlich being handed a menu.

Yu Kitchen’s menu has been designed and curated  by 2 Michelin-starred chef Chen Kentaro and offers first class Chinese Yum Cha during the day and an a la carte dining in the evening.  It offers dishes including live snow crab steamed with aged Chinese wine and egg white and stir-fried whole live lobster with chilli sauce. The dishes offer a sensory experience and feature classic dishes with a touch of modernity. This is both old world and new world Chinese cuisine.yuiweb 17

High end fit out and superb atmosphere with loads of natural light and leafy suburban views during the day. Yu Kitchen has 2 private rooms which is a great offering.

Chinese tea to begin our culinary journey.

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Yu Kitchen offers stunning pork dishes such as this Crispy Roast Pork featuring local suppliers Valenca Free Range Pork. 

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Chen Kentaro's Signature Mapo Tofu is a stunning dish. Layers of flavour with some heat and a silky texture party. Authentic Chinese dish of stir fried tofu in hot Szechuan pepper-flavoured meat sauce. Your new addiction.

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Char Siu is a top notch Cantonese roasted meat dish, and the barbecued flavours are stunning (pork from Valenca Free Range Pork in Victoria). 

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Is this the best yum cha in Melbourne? We think so. Our selection included Spinach and Wild Mushroom Dumplings, Steamed Black Pearl Scallop Dumpling with Crisp Conpoy, Crispy Vegetable Parcel, and Pan Fried Turnip Cake. Outstanding flavours featuring high class ingredients and traceability of produce.

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An excellent wine list features local and international wines and beverages.

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Lettuce reimagined. A simple dish with Oyster Sauce but so delicious and silky texture.

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Another highlight is the Steamed Prawn Skin in Rice Roll with Clams and Tobiko. Another silky dish with elegance and extraordinary flavours.

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Baked Black Truffle and Wagyu Beef Puff was a revelation.

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Custard Egg Tart is addictive, not just the filling but the pastry is melt in your mouth.

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 I'll take them all thanks.

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David from The World Loves Melbourne with Lawrence Yeow (Calia co-founder).

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Morri Behrmann (Stonebarn Truffles and General Manager, Oliveria), Jason Chang (CEO of Calia Collective, Australia), and Rita Erlich (food and media identity).

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David Hagger from The World Loves Melbourne with Jason Chang, CEO of Calia Collective Australia.

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Stonebarn Truffle Oil can be purchased at Calia (centre of picture). 
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Calia in full swing on day one in Chadstone.
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Both Yu Kitchen and Calia are highly recommended. Good news for Melbourne and a coup for Chadstone.