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Calia Accessible and Casual Premium Dining At Chadstone

Calia has opened in Chadstone bringing a casual and accessible premium curated dining experience to Chadstone Shopping centre. The World Loves Melbourne was invited along to experience the menu, dining with Rita Erlich (Melbourne food identity and author), Morri Behrmann (Oliveria Wholesale and Oliveriamel) and his son Aidan. In summary I felt  all the dishes were hits, no misses. In fact it was hard to define the best of the dishes as they all stood out, however the Wagyu Bowl, Smoked Salmon Sashimi and the Matcha Lava Cake were outstanding. Sumptuous but affordable (you don't have to pay big dollars to experience the tasting menu). 

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We know Calia from its first class expression at Emporium Melbourne where it has swept all before it over the last 2 years, with packed restaurant day after day. We envisage diners that frequent the Kingsway in Glen Waverley, for example, would love the offerings at Calia. Calia is located in the premium luxury precinct of Chadstone (opposite Tiffany) and is a great dining option for shoppers. Calia also shines as a destination dining option for locals and for foodies all over the city. (You can park virtually opposite).

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Calia unveils a new standard in produce and dining, with a sustainably-minded menu created by internationally acclaimed Michelin Star chef, Francisco Araya (ex elBulli and Boragó). The best of local produce is sourced; rewarding and at times unexpected flavours. (We also recently dined at Yu Kitchen upstairs, another premium offering from the Calia group.)

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Smoked Salmon Sashimi with passionfruit and sesame vinaigrette was a refreshing joyful dish and perfect starter. Zesty and surprise element of passionfruit. Presentation was exceptional and the dome actually adds to the flavour, not just for show.

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Stunning sashimi dish. Calia uses first class produce in all its dishes and is always on the search for premium produce. This dish is new on the menu and highly recommended. Silky texture and has a delightful aroma as well as being super fresh. The vinaigrette brings a refreshing zest. The smoke filled dome was another example of the first class presentation of dishes at Calia.

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It's quite a thing when a bowl of fries can be singled out as an impressive dish. These Umami Fries were a highlight, coated in umami (fifth sense of flavour) seasoning. Your new addiction.

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A decent wine list to complement the standout dishes.

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Grilled Tiger Prawns features panfried whole tiger prawns with smoke paprika butter, lemon and garlic chips. The smoky flavour shines through from being pan-fried in smoked paprika butter. Zest of lemon brings a further vibrancy and the garlic chips are a wonderful touch. Perfect grazing option.

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Another highlight was the Eggplant Miso featuring baked eggplant topped with sweet miso and sesame seed. (I can't believe the value for money on this dish). I'm a huge fan of eggplant, my favourite vegetable. And the miso treatment and way this eggplant is cooked is next level. We were fighting over this dish at the table. The eggplant is cut into small sections to make it easier to consume. Best dish in Melbourne under $10.

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Grab a selection of grazing dishes then order some mains.

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One of the highlights of Calia is the texture as well as the taste. This Toro Bowl was recommended to us and features Air flown Japanese toro glazed with nikiri sauce and toro tartare. One of the best dishes I enjoyed in a while. Such a creamy dish, like butter in your mouth. This is authentic Japanese toro. The savoury glaze is top notch and the tartare is also a feature. A must order.

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Calia's most famous dish is the Calia Wagyu Bowl with 63 degree egg featuring Australian Single Origin Full Blood Wagyu from Robbins Island. This is the best wagyu bowl I've ever tasted without doubt. The quality of the full blood wagyu is unsurpassed (and for the cost) and the chefs don't overcook it but let the produce remain the hero. Egg was perfect oozing all over the dish when broken. (You can also get the premium grade A5 wagyu directly air flown from Japan). 

Interestingly there was a smear of a hot paste on the side of the bowl if you wanted to ramp up the heat! This dish is all about taste and texture. 

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Why is this a curated experience? Because top chefs have designed the menu to take diners on a journey. At times you experience traditional flavours but with innovative modern interpretations. Everything from the taste of the dishes, the textures, and the standout presentation, add to a curated and elevated dining experience.

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The Coconut is a limited edition dish featuring mousse served with coconut sorbet, jelly and banana crumble. Delicate yet indulgent it takes the concept of coconut and paints a delicate yet indulgent picture.

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The Matcha Lava Cake is a work of art and super indulgent – in fact it’s molten! Picture a rich enticing chocolate lava cake oozing warm matcha ganache! Matcha and chocolate lovers rejoice!

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Attractive for shoppers Calia is consistently excellent, approachable and more than delivers. The fit out is also first class with a feeling of spaciousness and modern elegance.

Calia is also a brilliant location for functions and your business event.

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You can also purchase from an adjacent retail grocery store quality produce otherwise difficult to access.

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Exceptional approachable casual dining - make Calia at Chadstone part of your shopping experience at Chadstone or all visit as a destination dining stunning option. Fine dining for everyone. Highly recommended.