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Visit to Gabriel Cafe

Gabriel Cafe is a bright cafe expression infused with hipster cool on Gertrude Street Fitzroy. The World Loves Melbourne was invited along to experience the modern menu. We had previously visited other incarnations (notably De Clieu) of this cafe space and been impressed. Gabriel captures Melbourne chic and the menu is on trend with a healthier style of eating.

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Gabriel is named with reference to the former De Clieu cafe (a French lieutenant Gabriel De Clieu is credited with introducing coffee to French colonies in South America). The interior is modern yet has a 50s feel about it with emerald green tones and Terrazzo flooring, and large pendant lights. The aspect through the windows to iconic Fitzroy is stunning. We prefer the seats near the windows, but also dining outside is also appealing.
An extraordinary art piece by Melbourne-based artist Patrick Dagg also captures the attention. Overall, it's a great Melbourne vibe.
A modern all-day menu has something for everyone (flexibility is a key these days). Service staff were engaging and helpful.

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Gabriel also boasts a strong coffee game with coffee by Inglewood Coffee Roasters, also with batch brew, French press and cold brew options. 

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The Panko crumbed eggplant with hummus, capsicum, tomato, olives, pine nuts, pomegranate and rocket hit the mark. We are seeing eggplant feature on several recent Melbourne menus and eggplant is a crowd favourite. Slightly crunchy on the outside and soft inside. A great vegetarian option dish that is fresh and zesty.

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While luxe salads adorn the menu I elected for a daily special of the Royale Burger with grass fed beef, American cheese, dill pickle, onion, ketchup, and mustard. Served with fries.

With the nod to yesteryear at Gabriel in its fitout, this classic American style burger was perfect for the vibe of the place. Of course I elected for a double patty burger (being a double patty aficionado). The grass fed beef was delicious and cooked to perfection with a slight pink. There was also the right amount of cheese and oozy. Overall it was a juicy tasty burger, with slight crunch and tang of the pickle, and extra tang of the ketchup and mustard.

I think Gabriel should make this a permanent menu item (with double patty). Kudos that even though the menu has a wide range of options, Gabriel still provides a few daily specials.

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Another crowd favourite is the Belgian waffles with lemon curd, ricotta, blueberries, and pistachios. The standout here is the dreamy lemon curd. Just grab some waffle on your fork and dip into the lemon curd, ricotta, blueberries and pistachios. A rich and rewarding dish.

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I'm impressed by cafes that serve wine, beer and cider; and a King Valley Prosecco and cocktail (elected for non alcoholic) was welcomed.

Gabriel cafe hits the mark in terms of a chic appealing place to dine and enjoy a glass of Prosecco and a coffee. This is a cheerful cafe in an iconic location with a modern menu that shows flair and flexibility.