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Youfoodz Meal Kitz A New Way to Cook

We just experienced the awesomeness of Youfoodz Meal Kitz and we are super impressed. In these crazy busy times none of us have endless hours for meal prep. We want our meals now and we want them to be delicious and with all the ingredients at hand. 

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If you're like us you can end up going to the supermarket to get all the ingredients for a family meal and wasting an hour or so of valuable time. Plus at the supermarket you end up getting more than you need (all the extras you didn't even go down there for) - so hooking up with Youfoodz Meal Kitz reduces grocery wastage! 

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But there's someone who has put all the work and thought into it and making it easy for crazy busy peeps like us (and you). Now there's a new way to cook!

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The best we've ever seen a meal delivery service meal presented.

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Youfoodz Meal Kitz have burst onto the food prep market scene, with a range of sensational meals you can cook up in less than 15 mins. That’s a game changer right there. That's right, dinner in 15 min with no prep! Happy days.

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Fresh and sealed and organised making it super easy to cook.

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I was able to prepare delicious Beef Fajita Wraps with Crunchy Slaw within minutes.

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Easy recipe instructions with pics are super helpful.

Even better news, two of the kits have approximately one minute of prep time. Legendary!

I know we're busy, but hey, we can afford one minute of prep time. Our meal plan needs to be spot on with super convenience.

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Beef Fajitas are highly recommended for an easy convenient fresh and delicious meal. Cooking up the beef and adding the vegetables.

And for those who live in Melbourne, Youfoodz not only deliver direct to your door, but they can do it the very next day! Next Day Delivery is Melbourne meal delivery how we like it: fast, with no fuss!

Voted the Best Healthy Meal Delivery Service of 2019, Youfoodz brings to the table nutritionally-balanced, portion controlled meals that hit the mark. These are chef designed recipes for restaurant quality meals.

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The finished meal. Just grab a Tortilla and add the Marinated Beef, Red & Green Capsicum and Red Onion, Basmati Rice with Corn and Black Beans, a scoop of Shredded Cheese and White Cabbage with Celery and Shallot Slaw, along with spoonful of Mexican-spiced Cottage Cheese. And it's a generous amount of food so we loaded up on 2 Tortillas each. So delicious.

We've tasted and we loved what we experienced, in particular these new Youfoodz Meal Kitz meals:

– Beef Fajita Wraps with Crunchy Slaw
– Creamy Gnocchi Florentine 
– Thai Chicken Green Curry
Chicken Stir Fry with Cashew Nuts (love healthy chicken recipes)
– Sweet Paprika chicken with super greens
– Greek Lamb Salad with Toasted Pita

These are the sort of exciting meals we love to eat as a family. Super fresh, tasty, vibrant, interesting, satisfying and not too heavy. 

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Another great thing is that there's no lock in contracts - you pay for what you order (unlike some other kits on the market). You are supplied with all the ingredients to complete the meal - it's like a handball running into the open goal in footy!

And you don't have to pop down to the supermarket - all the ingredients are there in the Youfoods Meal Kitz. You don't have to scrummage through the pantry.

Grab hold of the new Youfoodz Meal Kitz, by visiting in store or easy to order on their fab website. Grab 1 meal or all 6! Now you're cookin'.

Please note: Unfortunately, Youfoodz' Meal Kitz market trial has ended, meaning they’re no longer available online or in store. The chefs are ready to keep doing the cooking for you this Winter, so give their new menu a peek instead!