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TGI FRIDAYS American Smokehouse BBQ Menu

American BBQ from TGI FRIDAYS in the exceptional new Chadstone restaurant is hitting the spot. The World Loves Melbourne was invited along for the experience, which began as part of the July 4th celebrations but is thankfully extended until August 4th. 

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Beef brisket sliders are a crowd pleaser, as were the cocktails.

TGI FRIDAYS is serving up a limited-edition menu titled: American Smokehouse BBQ which sees Independence Day celebrations continue across all venues nationwide. The special menu is quintessentially American but Australian at heart using local, quality produce developed by the TGI FRIDAYS team, and the American Smokehouse BBQ menu features flavoursome dishes which can be shared amongst a group or devoured individually. For all American BBQ lovers there's a string of hit dishes to enjoy, cooked to perfection and I always appreciate their tasty spicy sauces.

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Chadstone TGI FRIDAYS has a modern welcoming vibe.

If it’s meat you’re after, the options are plenty. Tuck into a 20-hour slow cooked, smoked Aussie brisket, beef ribs and chicken wings coated in Louisiana spice rub, served alongside a house made smoky BBQ and peach sauce. The BBQ board that was served to us looked like a piece of art. 

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What a feast of American BBQ!

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Pair your cut with TGIs famous Mac N Cheese, or spice it up with smoky BBQ Boston beans, pickled cabbage and jalapenos or fries with Tennessee seasoning. The Mac N Cheese was a highlight in itself, creamy and how Mac N Cheese should be. I'm a jalapeno fiend at home so I enjoyed loading up on jalapenos with my meat for added kick.

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Beef ribs are a winner.

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Torch action for the Smokin’ Blackberry Smash Mocktail was a touch of theatre.

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We were also impressed by the cocktail game at TGI FRIDAYS as part of the American BBQ offering. TGI FRIDAYS has whipped up two American inspired delicious cocktails: S’mores Campfire Espresso Martini and the Smokin’ Blackberry Smash Mocktail, both of which taste as good as they sound. A touch of theatre was welcomed as staff made these cocktails in front of us and served them individually to our large table of diners.

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Preparing the delicious S’mores Campfire Espresso Martini.

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The S'mores shake below was extraordinary; almost a meal in itself.

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A selection of desserts was fabulous with the S'mores brownies my favourite.

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Iconic American brewers Brooklyn Lager have added to the FRIDAYS July 4 party, shouting a free pint of beer with any main meal purchase – cheers to that!

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We were super impressed with TGI FRIDAYS limited edition American Smokehouse BBQ menu, but it will only hang around now until August 4, so gather your crew and get down to your nearest location before the party is over. Highly recommended.