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Spring Menu at Giro D'Italia Restaurant

Domenico De Marco (Dom) is working wonders at his Giro D'Italia restaurant in North Carlton and the World Loves Melbourne was invited along to experience the new menu. Of course there are around 6 dishes that are signatures and remain on the menu (such as the Tiramisu and the Cotoletta), but Dom also likes to introduce new elements. We noticed improvements to the venue, new dishes, development of a "crack" team, an expanded wine menu and that Dom is now spending more time engaging with the customers.

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Dom a man of the moment in Melbourne posing with his proudly signed racing jersey.

The food at Giro D'Italia restaurant shines and it's no secret this is one of our favourite restaurants in Melbourne. For the authenticity, the "soul" factor, as well as delicious food that is unpretentious. Dom has an infectious personality and we suggested to him he may want to go on TV as a celebrity chef. Dom's reply was classic, telling us his nightly service at Giro is his TV show! He bring a vibrancy in engaging customers more than most chefs I know, and his team is also top notch in its service.

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Dom introduces us to a stunning Italian chardonnay.

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Racing bike mounted in the window with bike rider flying past the restaurant in beautiful Rathdowne St North Carlton.

We noticed Dom engaging with customers throughout the evening and even connecting with customers outside (the perfect place to dine on a warm evening). This is rustic Italian food at its best, with plenty of process and technique in the dishes, and fine presentation.

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VITELLO TONNATO Veal and Tuna from Torino. A traditional dish full of flavour.

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STUFFED TEMPURA ZUCCHINI FLOWERS with ricotta & provolone was one of the best versions I've had of this dish with the light tempura meaning we got the crispiness with the zucchini flavours "heroed" without an overpowering casing.

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MOZZARELLA IN CARROZZA (fried mozzarella sandwich) was a highlight in itself with crispy exterior with Dom cutting the sandwich in front of us to reveal the cheesy centre. A must order.

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CROQUETTES were melt in your mouth creamy filling and crispy on the outside.

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RAVIOLI filled with Snapper. This was a standout dish with Dom choosing the Snapper from the market and the salty taste comes through without any salt being added. 

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ORECCHIETTE BROADBEANS was another vegetarian dish with flair; simple but a flavour explosion in the mouth.

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Washed down with Italian wines.

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PANZANELLA TOSCANA salad of cucumbers, heirloom tomatoes, croutons & red onion.

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EGGPLANT PARMIGIANA was a stunning dish which was served as a side but which I would love as a main dish. For those looking for vegetarian options, Giro delivers in spades.

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PACCHERI AL RAGÙ NAPOLETANO makes me feel once again that Dom is the ragu king, with perfect intensity of flavour having cooked the ragu for some 8 hours. Not to mention the rustic sausage making this a mainly meat focussed dish.

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POLLO ALLA DIAVOLA Spatchcock with sweet potato mash, Jerusalem artichokes & salsa picante was a top notch dish with juiciness in the perfectly cooked Spatchcock, and a hint of heat.

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BAVA CAKE soaked in Rum with Lemon Sorbet was a refreshing dish with contrast of indulgent rum soaked cakes. A perfect way to finish our meal. Highly recommended.