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Exciting New Food Delivery Platform Providoor Launches

Exciting new food delivery platform Providoor has launched in Melbourne (with Sydney to follow). The new food delivery platform Providoor is set to jump start Melbourne’s world-class restaurant industry, bringing meals from Melbourne’s best restaurants to peoples’ door.

Providoor has launched with an impressive menu of partners, including Cumulus Inc., Supernormal, Sunda, MOVIDA, Maha, Flower Drum, Estelle, The Everleigh and Tipo 00. With more to be announced soon.
Prepared by restaurant chefs and delivered via certified cold freight, the at-home meals eschew the ready-to-eat status quo, to be finished by the customer in their own kitchen, actively involving people in a premium cooking experience and giving them as close to an in-restaurant meal as possible.

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Soon available in Sydney (mid July), Providoor aims to deliver Sydney restaurants in Melbourne, and vice versa.
Providoor is founded by famed chef of Maha, Shane Delia on the back of proven success with Maha Go and endorsed by some of Melbourne’s best chefs. It will take just 15% in commission, unlike other food service delivery platforms that have come under fire for their 35% commissions.
An industry-led solution to a broken restaurant delivery model - with hot meals being currently delivered by unreliable third party delivery services - Providoor has been developed by chefs and restaurateurs with a quality product as top priority, as well as fairness around fees. Everyone knows the underwhelming experience of a soggy, tepid dinner arriving late on the back of a bike - this concept completely reworks the home delivery model to ensure high quality meals are enjoyed as the chef intended.
Providoor Founder and chef-owner of Maha, Shane Delia says, “I have experienced the winless battle many venues face when contemplating the broken hot food delivery market. Apart from the financial impact there is also the damage to the brand, as the venue has little control over the end users experience and the quality of the product when it arrives, semi warm at home. It’s a prospect that just doesn’t stack up.”

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The global COVID crisis has hit the local restaurant industry hard, forcing a re- imagining - from top to bottom of the industry - in the future of dining both on premise and at home. As consumers bring back dinner parties and dining behaviour adjusts, Providoor will have a place beyond COVID, offering a connection with the chefs and restaurants themselves, a chance to participate in the process and - most important of all - the high quality meal they are after.
Providoor takes orders by 5pm for next day delivery within a 35km radius of Melbourne CBD. Food is delivered certified cold freight for a flat $16.50 delivery fee.In a time of challenge the most extraordinary initiatives can emerge. With restaurants faced with the high costs of delivery services, Providoor is an exciting opportunity to redefine the business model with a win for all.