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Gaylord Indian Restaurant at Grand Hotel

Gaylord Indian restaurant is up there as one of the best Indian restaurants in Melbourne. In "The Voice" parlance we gave it a "four chair turn". Our palettes were singing after being invited to feast in the Melbourne CBD. Here at Gaylord, the dishes are prepared from scratch, unique sauces for each dish, and quality ingredients and premium spices are used. Each dish at Gaylord is prepared in its own pan, not something commonly seen. Therefore the curries sing and the dishes have that "freshness" about them that many other Indian restaurants do not. An experienced team is taking Gaylord to new heights. We were so impressed by our experience at Gaylord that we have included Gaylord in our article Best Indian Restaurants in Melbourne.

Raj and DJ on front of house at Gaylord bring exceptional hospitality, both of them highly experienced, and the chef Surin and his team are simply outstanding. Gaylord is an intimate Indian experience in a key part of the Melbourne CBD. Parking is straight out the front, in nearby car parks or come in by tram, bus or train with Southern Cross Station nearby. 

Gaylord was an institution in Chinatown since 1985 but this year has commenced residence at the 1800's charming Grand Hotel. Having an Indian restaurant in a hotel is not something you see everyday; but when you visit Gaylord you understand why. I would highly recommend Gaylord to guests of the hotel, residents in apartments and for all who live in Melbourne, as well as tourists who love Indian food. 

Gaylord 3

Gaylord 5

Old Delhi Pani Puri is the perfect start to any meal, pouring the liquid into the shells, with crunch and zesty hit. An ode to Indian street food. Crisp fried balls stuffed with potatoes, chickpeas and sweet and spicy tangy liquid.

The name of Gaylord is derived from a french term meaning "the happy place". This is their catch cry and they live up to the name. We were invited to Gaylord Indian restaurant to experience highlights of the menu.

You are immediately impressed by the expensive marble and carpet features mounted on the walls, brought in from India.

Flavours are traditional but also feature some exotic Indian dishes, such as the Goat Nihari. Dishes are  prepared when ordered, so they are a labour of love.

Gaylord 7

Gaylord 8

Lamb Cigars served in a cigar box were fun and tasty, salty and crunchy and juicy (not dry). Just dip in the sauce. Formed from charcoal chicken and lamb skewers, ginger and mace.

Bright colours on dishes are achieved without any artificial ingredients. Note the vibrancy of the dipping sauce above. These are the "little touches" that count.

Gaylord is truly a sensory experience like India itself, as we enjoyed vibrant tastes, aromas, smoke, and feel of dishes.

Gaylord 10

Smoky bliss with this Peppercorn Chicken Tikka dish, and a sense of theatre when the covering was removed revealing smoke and tantalising aromas. Chicken marinated in house spice and grilled in the tandoor.

At Gaylord, the menu is seasonal and features a mix of local and exotic ingredients complimented by an exceptional dining experience.

Gaylord 14 

When planning where to eat during your stay at the Grand Hotel Melbourne, you won’t have to travel far to find an exceptional dining experience. Gaylord recently making their restaurant home at Grand Hotel in February 2020. The moment you arrive, the opportunity to eat, drink and relax are an integral part of the dining experience. Espousing an intimate romantic style, friendly service and elegant warm décor celebrating the hotel’s late 19th century Gold Rush Era railway heritage, this restaurant has long been a vital part of the Melbourne CBD neighbourhood dining experience.

Gaylord 15 

Even the house wine was exceptional, sourced locally from Victoria.

Within a romantic space, amidst Old World charm and warm décor, Gaylord creates Tandoori cuisine originated in northern India during the Mughal times. 

Gaylord 16 

Superb Indian dining in the Melbourne CBD.

Gaylord specialises in exotic Indian food, like Chicken Briyani and Goat Nihari. This is what we love, not the predictable cuisine of some restaurants. 

The menu extends far beyond traditional Indian fare. Traditional Indian dishes have been infused with creativity and flair.  Gaylord welcomes walk-ins and reservation for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner seven days a week. The goal at Gaylord is to allow diners to experience the many flavors offered on their menu and keep the price affordable.

Gaylord 19

Methi Murg Curry is a triumph; tender pan-seared free-range chicken with curried Fenugreek.

Gaylord 21

Kerala Salmon Moilee is a clever dish that is melt in your mouth tandoori salmon with exceptional smoky flavours, cooked in delicious coconut based creamy curry from Kerala.

Raj, also owner of Haldi in Moonee Ponds (and used to work in Gaylord for 7 years when it was in Chinatown) has teamed up with experienced "DJ"and chef Suren to open Gaylord. a crack team with loads of skill and knowledge.

Gaylord 30

Gaylord 32

Feasting in the Melbourne CBD.

Gaylord 23 

Garlic Naan is a must order.

Expect cocktails that pack a punch, such as Gaylord Bloodymary, Tamarind Margarita and an alcoholic take on the classic Mango Lassi.

 Gaylord 24

Cheese Naan is the ultimate comfort food, with oozy cheese bliss.

 The Restaurant is fully licensed and air conditioned. The attractive menu is well laid out with simple explanation of all the dishes listed.

Gaylord 25 

Rice perfectly cooked and seasoning on top was welcome.

There is an extensive list of vegetarian, tandoori, seafood and classic biriyani dishes.

 Gaylord 29

Raita as we love it, super refreshing. Yoghurt with cucumber, mint and toasted cumin.

Whether you are a connoisseur or a total novice of the Indian gastronomy, your taste buds can only be satisfied by our long serving and iconic chef Suren.

Gaylord 39

Goat Nihari curry is a revelation, with perfectly cooked goat (a measure of a restaurant). Goat cooked on the bone, wonderfully tender, and packed with flavour; goat stew, slow cooked in spicy gravy.

Gaylord 42

Dessert also hits the high notes with Classic Kulfi; traditional Indian ice cream.

To help appreciate your meal Gaylord offers a fine selection of wines, beer (recommend Kingfisher of course) and cocktails. Gaylord also have the size and experience to make all your occasion even more special by organising large parties (respecting any current COVID restrictions), business socials, hanging out with your friends, planning for quite romantic dinner with your partner or any event as per your desire! Catering services for birthday parties, anniversary and other special occasions can also be arranged, please ask for more details. Pre-booking is highly recommended. Just call the Restaurant for reservation or book online and look forward to a memorable meal.

Using their experience and passion for food, Gaylord provides delicious home cooked meals. So just choose from a wide selection of meat and vegetarian dishes available in our fully licensed, air conditioned restaurant or delivered to your door (for nearby orders). Highly recommended.