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Giro D'Italia Restaurant Superb Melbourne Dining on St Kilda Rd

Giro D'Italia is a popular Italian restaurant serving standout regional dishes, and has made waves since its relocation to St Kilda Rd just out of the Melbourne CBD. A point of difference is that Dom is not only owner and chef, but also hosts guests spending generous amounts of time on the floor. We have follwed the journey of Giro D'Italia from day one and it's an experience to visit, rather than just to grab some food and drink.

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With the relocation to St Kilda Rd on the edge of the CBD just before the lockdown in 2020, Dom was forced to adapt to the situation, but quickly built a strong local following. Nearby corporates are regulars and are known to enjoy lunch sessions that span into the late hours. Giro D'Italia is about joyous dining and experience, simple pleasures, and will have you coming back. 

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Dom is a chef that loves to host the customers and engage them in the restaurant.

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We began with River Run Prosecco.

We were invited to experience the latest menu and while the food is top notch, connecting with Dom is a highlight with his passion, persona and charm. Giro D'Italia has a great atmosphere, with quality fit out (with stunning bar) and spacious restaurant, and ode to the famous Italian bike race of the same name.

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Bikes are mounted tastefully through the restaurant and Italian scenes and the bike race are projected onto the wall.  Giro D'Italia is open from 8am so you can come for a toastie and coffee for example, then come back for lunch and then on to dinner. Some locals avail themselves of all three, at various stages during the week.

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Dom greets us warmly, then we are given a selection of dishes from across the menu, each dish hitting the high notes. While there is plenty of technique in the dishes, there is also a simplicity that appeals. 

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Salumi Misti hit the spot with warm house made bread and olives.

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Addictive were the Potato Croquettes with Puttanesca Sauce. Crunch on the outside and creamy inside, perfect with the sauce.

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Chicken Liver Pate with Strawberry and Brioche another simple, tasty and playful starter.

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Brilliant was the combination of Cured salmon (wet cured) with Nectarine.

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A champion team. Nelson is a talented chef who works wonderfully with Dom in the kitchen. 

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A popular dish is the melt in your mouth Orecciette Chicken Cacciatore Ragu dish. In my opinion Giro D'Italia is king of ragu dishes in Melbourne. Generous parmigiano on top.

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Ravioli stuffed with seafood is also a treat, and the Snapper flavours were exceptional, perfectly matched with a Rochford Chardonnay.

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Secondi dishes also excite with Pork Cotoletta, Patate Fritte, Aioli, Giardiniera. Melt in your mouth Cotoletta, perfect with a squeeze of lemon.

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Excellent wines, both local and international.

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Watermelon Salad is a delightful side dish, but some customers enjoy this as a lunch dish in itself.

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Not to mention the Insalata di Mele Apple Salad.

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Time for an Italian tipple with dessert.

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Spectacular Tiramisu served in a glass.

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Refreshing Panna Cotta with Mango and Cucumber and perfect "wobble".

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House made Cannoli was outstanding, with your choice of Chocolate or Vanilla.

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Below the main restaurant are facilities and rooms which Dom is developing.

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Plus you can enjoy the outdoor ambience of St Kilda Rd. Highly recommended.