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Chefgood Hand Crafted Meal Delivery Service

Chefgood is a healthy chef-made meal service delivered straight to your door! We have experienced several weeks of gifted hand crafted, calorie & portion controlled meals, containing no hidden sugars and that use only natural, fresh and seasonal local ingredients. Chefgood in-house nutritionists create the menus that change weekly offering 35+ new menu items every single week. Michelin trained Head Chef  Tim leads the kitchen ensuring all our meals are extremely delicious and at the highest level of quality. Take advantage of our special code MELB50 for our readers to get $50 off (total) with Chefgood, $30 on their first box, and $20 off second box valid until 31 July.

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My first impression is that the meals are of a high quality being chef-prepared. From meals like Nonna's Lasagne to Chicken and Black Bean Burritos, the meals are vibrant and tasty. Fresh and preservative-free is what I'm looking for - the sort of food I want to eat daily.

As someone with a gourmet palate I have been bored with some home delivery meals in the past that fall short in terms of a "gourmet" touch. Chefgood meals are more than interesting with excellent sophisticated flavours as well as being approachable for the whole family. The fact they use local, fresh and seasonal ingredients is important to me. Hand crafted meals means the meals are made from scratch rather than mass production. 

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We found these meals to be super convenient, easily fitting into our fridge and ready to eat at any time. Just take a meal out of the fridge and put it in the microwave for 2-3 minutes is super easy. With busy lifestyles we haven't got time to be spending endless hours cooking, so having these Chefgood meals on hand enhances our lifestyle. You can choose from Everyday and Weight Loss meals at reasonable prices.

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As someone who is looking to shed a few kilos, I love the calorie-controlled and portion-controlled meals. The big thing is that they still fill me up and satisfy my cravings, with many Weight Loss meals at only 350 calories. Losing weight shouldn't mean you eat bland unexciting meals. Chefgood ticks so many boxes.

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I love they they change the menu around, with new menu additions and collabs with top chefs with their Guest Chef Series. There's a fresh new menu every week!

Just choose your Meal Plan with meat or plant-based options. Then just choose your meals, with lunch and dinner options. Popular are the 5,7,10,14 and 20 meal plans. I placed my order online with no lock-in contracts by 11.30pm on a Wed and my order was delivered to my home on Sunday morning. Too easy!

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As someone who has experienced several home delivery services over the journey, Chefgood is simply outstanding and I highly recommend it.