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Taka Gin Indigenous-Owned with Native Ingredients

Taka is an indigenous-owned and native ingredient inspired gin that is fast gaining popularity. Native ingredients are a welcome infusion to gin alongside the normal gin botanicals, for a unique and exciting gin. Taka means “taste” in the Gunditjmara language. 

Taka is unique in that not only does the gin feature native ingredients but the company is also indigenous-owned. We were sent a copy of the gin to experience, and we are highly impressed. 

Taka has a base of seven botanicals all foraged around Melbourne and sourced from Indigenous wild harvesters– juniper, coriander, angelica root, cassia, finger lime, orris root and desert lime, with inclusion of lemon-scented gum leaf and native lemongrass. A gin infused with First Nations native botanicals! Melbourne gin lovers will also be thrilled to hear the gin is Melbourne-produced and crafted. 

While there are other gins on the market that feature native ingredients, a point of difference is that Niyoka has consulted with Indigenous food experts, industry contacts and family to perfect the gin. Niyoka has a foodie background, working with her husband Vincent Manning with their Melbourne-based food company Pawa.

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The genius idea for TAKA gin came out of necessity in lockdown. And we are thankful.

Bottles feature artwork by Bundle’s mother, Gunditjmara Keerray Woorroong artist Vicki Couzens. What is amazing is that the Artwork represents the phytochemical molecular components of the flavours of taka Gin ingredients.

Niyoka Bundle is the co-creator behind TAKA and is the daughter of a Gunditjmara mother and Yuin father. Grab some Taka gin online.