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Quality Drinks Menu at Red Pepper Indian Restaurant

Red Pepper Indian Restaurant in the Melbourne CBD is famous for it's affordable and authentic Indian dishes, but it also boasts a quality Drinks Menu to complement the delicious food. As Red Pepper prepares to open up again on November 5th after lockdown, the dine-in experience will return with the same excitement and sensory offering that has delighted diners since 2006.

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Wines that match curries, cocktails with an Indian theme, a wide range of beers including Indian beers, spirits, and of course a fine selection of non-alcoholic drinks all feature in the extensive Drinks Menu. A combination of fine food and beverages, as well as excellent hospitality, provides for a rewarding and satisfying dining experience. How about Butter Chicken with a well chosen red or white? Or a Chard Farm River Run Pinot with your Chicken Tikka Masala?

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To be honest Indian restaurants are not always known for their beverage list, but Red Pepper shines in this area, to the delight of customers. Wines feature Australian wines, as well as a selection from overseas. They also feature at various price points, but the quality is undoubtable. This is not a case of "quaffers" just to satisfy the request of customers for wine, there are well chosen gems on the menu, including more expensive wines for the discerning drinker. For example, you can order a Moss Wood special bottle with your Indian dishes. Red Pepper knows its wines.

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In terms of beers, there's an impressive range of over 30 beers. Of course there's the Kingfisher, a popular India beer with diners the world over. But also Red Pepper serves other Indian beers, such as Bira 91 Summer Lager (fruity freshness) and Haywards 650ml 7% ale. Beer lovers rejoice with a range of Lagers and Pilseners, such as Cricketer's Arms Keeper's Lager and Trumer Pils (a German style Pilsener from Austria), as well as Corona, Asahi Super Dry and Peroni Leggera, to name a few. Ales include Two Birds "Taco" Ale, a personal favourite, as well as Mornington Pale Ale, White Rabbit (white ale) and Belgium traditional wheat beers. Of course popular Indian Pale Ales are on the Drinks Menu, including Brew Dog Punk IPA and Feral Hop Dog Indian Pale Ale. There is also a great range of ciders. Beers and curries are the perfect match.


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Cocktails are a highlight at Red Pepper including a stunning Mango by the Beach Cocktail with Mango Lassi and Malibu for the ultimate refreshment, a Turmeric Yeti Cocktail with gin and real turmeric, a Curry Collins Cocktail, and a Warm Chai Cocktail. Not to mention a Virgin Mojito or a Negroni. Creativity and Indianflavours extends to the cocktail range, not just the food.

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Non-alcoholic drinks include a popular Strawberry Milkshake, and a fresh Orange Juice (as well as other fresh juices). The Drinks Menu caters for all!

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Spirits include the legendary Rampur Indian whisky, a premium single malt whisky handcrafted and aged in the foothills of the Himalayas. Have you ever tried Indian whisky?

Book your table at Red Pepper Indian Restaurant for a rewarding food and drinks experience.