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Premium Hot Pot Restaurant Fishpot Melbourne launches in Chinatown

Fishpot Melbourne has launched on the corner of Little Lonsdale and Little Bourke St (former Dragon Boat location) as a premium hot pot destination in Melbourne's Chinatown. We were invited along to experience this new hot pot destination and were highly impressed. The secret of a premier hot pot restaurant is in the quality ingredients and in the soup base.

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Premium experience in Chinatown.

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High tech hot pot.

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The 15 hour broth here is made featuring fresh Grouper fish (a signature of Shantou China) which brings a delicious flavour and slightly sweet nuance, without being overbearing. Of course we also enjoyed the spicy broth option with its numbing qualities.

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While hot pot is a showstopper at Fishpot, the entree dishes were top notch and we suggest you order some. Highlights of our premium hotpot experience included the fresh premium seafood and the high quality thinly sliced A5 Wagyu, as well as premium vegetables.

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For those new to hot pot, the hot pot broth is served inside a large metal pot, brought to boil, and left simmering for the duration of the meal. Just add the premium ingredients to the hot broth and cook them yourself, which makes for a delicious and fun experience. Most items of the hot pot have short cooking times so you don't have to wait long to put the delicious food in your mouth!

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Another feature is the technology that allows you to lift the hot pot to easily access the food to prevent it from being overcooked. High tech hot pot! Also on offer is premium wine, beers and spirits. Service was attentive and engaging, and impressive.

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The venue itself has a spacious and light and airy feel with modern design, fitting of a premium restaurant. A large condiment selection enhances the experience, with unlimited refills and condiments.

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Fishpot Melbourne is a welcome addition to Chinatown and an exquisite premium hot pot destination for hot pot lovers. Highly recommended.