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Fabulous 14 Days of Cheese in Port Melbourne

In terms of exponents of premium cheese in Melbourne, no-one does it better than restaurant and catering gem 14 Days of Cheese in Port Melbourne. I was invited to experience the joys of this cheese haven but discovered that not only is 14 Days of Cheese "cheese heaven" it is also a bona fide "foodie haven" with many strings to its bow.

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14 Days of cheese is a hidden gem with owners Nick and Maria working wonders in Port Melbourne along with chef Alex. This has been a pivot for Nick and Maria who have a pedigree in terms of catering and popular French cheese brands, having now branched into running a restaurant as a result of Covid times. Their online premium cheese boxes are extremely popular, and the restaurant is on the rise.

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The menu is innovative and showcases incredible cheeses in the best possible way. Comté croquettes with 36 mth aged Comte and Starward Two Fold whisky quince were a revelation. Perfect crunch with oozy cheese inside.

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House cured trout, a smoky clear tomato whey sauce, peach gel and bursts of grapefruit is art on a plate and bright and refreshing. 

Top notch wine pairing. Peter Schweitzer Austrian Veltliner and Frey Riesling were perfect accompaniments, with delicious  Italian Barbera from local @patch_wines paired with the Gnocchi. 

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Buffalo Ricotta Gnocchi with green pea, zucchini, nasturtium was one of the best gnocchi dishes I’ve had in Melbourne. Soft pillows bliss with rewarding @thatsamorecheese ricotta flavours and a delectable sauce. Tartness of zucchini cuts through the richness of the gnocchi. 

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Scallop 'carbonara' with Monte Nardi cheese & smoked Yarra Valley caviar is luxe and indulgent, and a "must order" rock star dish. The pasta itself is hand made and of a high standard, and the cheese is a highlight. But it's the overall balance of the dish with perfectly cooked scallops and Yarra Valley Caviar a feature, that excites. Insanely good and a taste and texture triumph. 

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To finish an exceptional meal, I enjoyed extraordinary @s28cheeses La Primavera made by Kym Masters in the Adelaide Hills. Dried meadow flowers are pressed into the cheese surface. A raw milk cheese with a delicate nuttiness that is made in the alpine style. Section28 La Primavera is a cheese that is seasonal and is sold out quickly.

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You can dine both inside and outside in fabulous surroundings taking in the magnificent views of Port Melbourne. Highly recommended.