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Seafood Dishes at Red Pepper Indian Restaurant

If you're a seafood lover you will love the fresh seafood dishes at Red Pepper Indian Restaurant in Melbourne. Red Pepper is known for its authentic and affordable Indian dishes in the Melbourne CBD. While mains include signature dishes such as Butter chicken and Kashmiri Lamb Roganjosh, Red Pepper also shines with its seafood offerings. 

Coastal Barramundi Fish Curry 

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This is a staple of the Indian coast featuring spiced Barramundi in curry with rich and bold flavours. Barramundi is famous for its slightly sweet white flesh and pleasing firm texture. A sensory experience, the dish also features wonderful aromas, and the colour is stunning.

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Meen Pollichathu (Kerala style fish) is on the menu from time to time - Market fish cooked & wrapped in Banana leaf, with rich South Indian masala flavour. It's a famous dish in the south of India (notably Kerala), where it is made with a variety of fresh fish, usually whatever is best avaialble from the fishmonger. In Kerala often the fish is avaialble in the state's backwaters. The literal meaning of Meen is "fish", and Pollichathu means "roasted or grilled". Often the fish is placed in the banana leaf, bedded on masala, and then wrapped to hold it together. The distinct aromas of fish and masala are irresistible.
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Prawn Chettinad with mini Malabar Parantha. Chettinad is a popular style of cuisine from South India, with fiery aromatic spices (medium hot) served with mini Malabar style flat bread. Another famous dish from India, Prawn Chettinad is a spicy and delicious gravy version of dry masala prawn with aromatic spices. Perfect for both seafood lovers and lovers of Indian food.
This is another South India style prawn curry (South India is famous for its spicy curries). Chettinad is an actual place in South India.Spicy and bold the heat is ever present but you still get the seafood nuances and taste of the prawns. This dish can also be served with rice but at Red Pepper it is served with Malabar style flat bread.
Malabar style flat bread is rich, buttery and indulgent flatbread. The crispy, crunchy layers are to be savoured, with a soft interior. The colour and texture and flavour of this dish brings the "wow" factor, truly a sensory experience. 
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Prawns Koliwada are often on the menu at Red Pepper, another standout Indian seafood dish (popular in Mumbai), featuring crispy fried prawns of high quality with a light spicy tang. The skill is in preserving the balance between juicy prawn and crispy exterior.