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World Best Kobe Wagyu Beef at Yakikami 10 Seat Omakase

World best melt in your mouth world's best Kobe Wagyu beef was the highlight at our 15+ course Omakase degustation at Yakikami restaurant in South Yarra. Melbourne is looking for great dining experiences and this was Kobe Wagyu beef heaven!

The 10 seat Josper Room was an intimate experience and provided incredible interaction with the highly talented chefs, if not a fabulous sense of theatre. We were invited to experience surely one of the best premium dining experiences in Melbourne.

Yakikami in South Yarra are proud to be the only Japanese restaurant group in Victoria certified to serve the famous Kobe Wagyu beef and delighted to be able to share their passion with the Australian public.

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We arrived early so we enjoyed a Sake cocktail and Rum cocktail in the Takitori space to begin in the Yakitori space of the restaurant.

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We were then ushered in to the private dining room (The Josper Room) where we got to experience a "15 course+" Omakase menu that just blew our mind.

The Omakase displays artisan-ship over the counter that entertained us and stimulated our appetite. Including a Louis Vuitton suitcase introducing us to the premium meats! A classic moment in our dining history in Melbourne.

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Yakikami serves the finest Wagyu in the world famous Josper grill along with their classical Japanese cuisines. The Josper oven uses Binchotan (Japanese top quality Charcoal) with high temperatures to bring out its Umami flavour.

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Yakikami Wagyu cuisine is made with various artistic methods of cooking and richly flavorful dishes made from seasonal ingredients all done in the Nikku Kappo style, whereby the Chefs cook and explain each meticulous step of your dining experience. Kudos to the amazing chefs! This made the evening fun and added to the premium experience.

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Here is what we enjoyed for our Omakase-

Ikijime Carpacio with Hapuka, bonito dressing.

Goma Tofu, baked with wasabi, soy. What a texture! Enjoyed the taste first before adding soy for extra kick.

M9+ Truffle Yukke with egg and caramelised soy.

M9+ Harami Tataki, seared, smoked, chilled, basil soy.

Petit tofu tart, peach, sesame, soy sauce, white miso. Loved the addition of the white miso.

Kinpira, braised burdock root.

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Namasu, pickled carrot, daikon, dried fig. Refreshing.

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Kani Flan, crab flan and mixed radish bonito beef broth. Pull this one up to your face and enjoy the texture and taste of the flan. I admit I drank the tasty broth.

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Konbu Chuck tender & Scallop Sushi, seared M9+ with Japanese scallop, ikura sauce. High end Surf and turf with a difference. Expertly made sushi. Melt in your mouth eat it in one bite.

Prawn Renkon Mochi, Lotus root prawn cake, yuzu zest, pumpkin sauce. Genius dish with incredible prawn cake texture resting on a bed of pumpkin purée for sweetness.

Sorbet, cucumber and kiwi. Refreshing.

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A5 Wagyu Tartar, smoked Beluga caviar, nori, caramelised Daiginjyo sake was a showstopper. The premium caviar was a hit but when smoked brings an extra dimension. Wagyu and caviar together was a taste and texture sensation, handed to us in a nori wrap.

Ox Tongue Misoni, slow cooked miso stew for 12 hours, Japanese Shokupan, truffle Ox tail dashi. Some diners favorite dish of the night and the depth of flavour was a revelation. The Japanese milk bread on the side was imported from Japan.

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Josper Steak, we chose the Kobe A5 Sirloin, exclusive to Yakikami and said to be the best beef in the world. It was a heavenly luxe taste. Expensive but we know why. Memorable experience.

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A5 Kobe Sirloin Gyu Don, Shabu Wagyu, egg, local truffle, Andorinha rice. More Kobe! This time thinly sliced and enjoyed with egg, truffle and rice. A special rice cooker further elevated the experience.

Akadashi, Red miso soup with taro cake.

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Cream Kuromitsu. A Japanese sugar syrup infused into this creamy dish, dare I say something deliciously akin to a brûlée but more “earthy”.

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Thank you Yakikami and @harveytaylorpr for organising this unforgettable evening.