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High SocieTea at The Westin Melbourne

We recently visited The Westin Melbourne's Lobby Lounge for their new High SocieTea. This fancy offering extends beyond the afternoon and into the evening. It’s a high tea experience of note, with a plethora of high class menu items around themes of Caviar, cheese and chocolate, along with a  glass of iconic Rob Dolan wine.

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When it comes to high teas I have a penchant for savoury items, not just sweet, and The Westin Melbourne hits the mark on all fronts.
Highlights included the Juniper cured Ora king salmon, wild scampi caviar and handmade charcoal tart (my personal favorite). Along with the high class caviar and scone.

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Baked Le Conquerant Camembert (so decadent) was a dining pleasure, taken to another level with truffle.

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Murray region pulled lamb, Woodside salt bush chèvre chaud was a showstopper. As was the Berliner with spiced cream centre.

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Not to mention the warm chocolate tart with burned marshmallow and a whisky anglaise to pour over the top.

Overall a highly impressive if not slightly decadent high tea.