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Epic Lunch Visit to Box Hill Eateries

Box Hill boasts some of the best eating options in Melbourne, and the World Loves Melbourne recently visited for lunch. Authenticity all the way, a taste and texture triumph.

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The problem is that there is so much choice. I've always found Box Hill daunting because I feel I need some inside intel on what is the best. After hearing rave reports about Rainbow Chicken, Grain Asian Cafe and David and Camy Dumpling Restaurant I decided to visit these 3 restaurants, all within a short distance of each other and Box Hill Central.

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And I wasn't disappointed. A show stopping dish at every turn including Fried Chicken, Octopus, Tendons from Rainbow Chicken; Curry Laksa with 6 main ingredients of choice and noodles from Grain. Asian cafe, as well as Chicken feet; and Pork dumplings from David and Camy Dumpling restaurant.

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I can't wait to explore Box Hill further.