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Little Bangkok Thai in Westfield Doncaster

Little Bangkok Thai restaurant in Westfield Doncaster is a vibrant and cheerful restaurant that delivers on signature Thai dishes, presented well. We were invited along to sample the menu including cocktails.

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The restaurant is large and light/filled with a modern ambience (some tables have views of the city and suburban Melbourne). (They also have a restaurant in Perth). As lovers of Thai food (David & Sam) we appreciated their wide ranging selection of dishes with a fusion twist. They bring modern techniques to traditional flavours.

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What we experienced from the menu:

✨ Duck pancakes (tasty, great fusion dish)

✨ Satay Chicken (melt in your mouth with delicious peanut sauce)

✨ Soft Shell Crab Bao (a showstopper)

✨ Wafu Beef w Nam Jim (melt in your mouth)

✨ Papaya Salad (super refreshing and zesty)

✨ Pineapple Fried Rice (must order, they sell a ton of these)

✨ Massaman Wagyu Beef (creamy delicious curry)

✨ Fried Barramundi with Tamarind sauce (another spectacular dish)

✨ Bualoy dessert

✨Red Ruby dessert (impressive delicious desserts)

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Curry goals.

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Tender beef.

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Strong cocktail game.

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Pineapple Rice must order.

Cocktails were outstanding (notably the Negroni and Spirit House cocktail), as well as decent wines and beers.

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Little Bangkok is a great part of the Westfield Doncaster food offering and locals love it. It can be hard to get a table on weekends and is walk in only during this time. Outside of the weekend you can book.

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We found the dishes to feature bold flavours and we are keen to taste more of the menu. Service was sensational.