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Etto Italian Street Food in South Melbourne


Etto is a highly impressive Italian street food restaurant in South Melbourne. This is about the simplicity of Italian street food at reasonable prices (only around $10-13).


The food at Etto is healthy with no deep frying or use of oils. The pasta is fresh and home made, using imported Italian equipment. The fit out is modern oozing with Italian style. You can mix and match pasta dishes with a selection of fabulous sauces. Customisation is a strength of Etto and you get the feeling this place is all about satisfying the customer. The menu brims with favourites of Spaghetti, Tagliatelle, Pappardelle, Rigatoni, Gnocchi, Fusilli and Ravioli. 

We sampled many of the dishes of Etto (as their guest) sitting outside on a warm Melbourne day, and were impressed with the quality of the home made pasta and the wonderful balance of the sauces. The pasta is fresh and pleasing and the sauces are light and don't overpower. This is great Italian street food. The Spicy Italian Sausage (above) features free range pork sausage and basil pesto. There was a delightful kick in the sausage and the sauce was superb. One of my favourite dishes.

The Roast Chicken with bacon and white wine Ravioli was also a winner with a creamy sauce and quality ravioli. The sauce had a slight tang in the cream which I enjoyed.

Etto has a modern cool fitout with slick design (including the menu), attractive menu on boards above, chic tables and stools and fine use of a red colour theme. The customer service is first class with one of the owners involved in the kitchen and service. All the pasta dishes were cooked perfectly and al dente. For me if the pasta is sensational I am happy to eat it on its own - I could eat loads of just the pasta here.

The Smoky Pancetta Carbonara was also impressive with leek and crunchy herb breadcrumbs on top and a light white wine sauce.

The Black Angas Beef Ravioli with Sam Marzono tomato sauce was excellent "comfort food"...

The Prosciutto and Sicilian Pesto was another winner along with cherry tomato, roasted garlic and baby spinach.

Etto caters for modern tastes and this Basil and pine nut pesto with spaghetti is a refreshing healthy meal that is just so so good.

As if we hadn't eaten enough we enjoyed this Desiree Potato Gnocchi with a slow cooked bolognese sauce. Bliss.

Etto delivers on drinks including imported Italian Chinotto, Emma and Tom's flavours, and sparkling mineral water. It will be perfect when Etto also get their liquor license.

Etto offers fresh home made pasta selections to take away...

Etto does Italian street food wonderfully well and even my children were raving about the flavoursome dishes.  The balance of pasta and sauces is superb and all dishes we tasted were excellent. This is not stodgy pasta but the  quality cuisine meant I left "feeling good" and not "heavy". Etto provides an authentic Italian experience in South Melbourne. Highly recommended.