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U-Village - Asian Fusion Excellence


U-Village is a modern Asian fusion restaurant that impresses with its class decor and top notch cuisine. The modern fittings, soft wood and potted greenery make it as fresh as the food served. U-Village began in 2003 with a restaurant in Malaysia, now bringing the best of Asian fusion to St Kilda. 

U-Village has created a brilliant dining atmosphere that it describes as "smart and relaxed". With quality decor, funky lighting and a rice theme that extends to painting on the walls and laser embedded into the wall seat, the ambience is gorgeous, light filled and upmarket. Offering lunch specials, banquets, and impressive dinner options, U-Village is a standout restaurant that caters for all.

Soft grey walls and bright poppys, a wonderful ambience to our eating experience.

U-Village, open and inviting with attractive pendant lighting and timber tables...

San Choy Bao hit the mark... Five spice Duck, Pomegranate, pine nuts, carrot, shallots, mushroom - just place in a lettuce cup and dip in the tasty sauce. Delicious, fresh and wanting more! The duck was delicate, moist, flavoursome and a killer combination with the pomegranate. Yum!

Crispy Taro soft boiled egg with sweet chilli mayo was another stellar dish.The egg was perfectly cooked, the taro seasoned with five spice, crispy and light. Such a lovely dish, accompanied by the sweet chilli mayo.


One of the great dishes to share (above), or if your a Pork belly lover, this is for one! The 24 hour vinegar braised pork belly with cinnamon, chilli, black peppercorns served with mango salad was a highlight. The pork was mouth watering, full of flavor and seared, resting in the namjin, sweet sauce. The mango and pawpaw salad, shaved on top, was a balancing factor for the dish. My mouth is watering, even as I'm writing this.... a standout dish.

Gado Gado.. A delectable combination of Bean curd, bean sprouts, carrots, green beans served with peanut and chilli sauce. Again this is fresh and tasty. Even the meat lovers will enjoy this Asian classic..

U-Village serves up one of the best soft shell crab dishes in Melbourne. Thick Red Rendang curry, soft shell crab with kaffir lime leaves, apple eggplant, green beans, lemon grass, chilli, coconut cream and mint. Full flavor hit! The Crab perfectly cooked with crunchy veggies and fresh mint. A decent amount of chilli, but all well balanced and served with steamed rice and crunchy shallots. Yum,yum... 

U-Village, laser cut rice embedded into the wall seat, with lighting from below and throw cushions. Love it!

Dessert is equally as impressive at U-Village. Black Sesame, peanut butter parfait with peanut crumble and tangy lemon. Creamy, tangy, refreshing. Enjoyed the black sesame flavor, the sweetness balanced with the drizzle of tangy lemon syrup and the delicate crunchy peanuts.. If you like ice cream, this is a gourmet winner!

Pandan creme brulee with salted honeycomb. Lovely,light and sweet. Loved the pandan flavor coming through the brulee and the salted honeycomb was gorgeous! A great way to end our Asian experience at U-Village. (The World Loves Melbourne team were guests of U-Village).

Modern, inviting, open and fresh Asian fusion cuisine in a smart yet relaxed environment make U-Village a standout dining experience.